Government Relations

UW System Position on Bills Introduced in the Legislature During the 2005-2006 Session

Pending Legislation

AB 1034

Tuition Remission for Veterans and Their Dependents

Full Description

(Loeffelholz) Expands current UW/technical college tuition remission for veterans established in the 2005-07 biennial budget from 50% to 100%. It would also allow the family of a veteran who dies as a result of a service-connected disability to be eligible for tuition remission.

Referred to: Assembly Veterans Affairs

UW System Position

AMEND: Veterans are most worthy of tuition remissions, but they must be funded. By amending the bill to move the implementation date for expanding veterans’ benefits from 50% to 100% to the Fall of 2007, the legislature could affirm its intent to expand the benefits, and also provide state funding to cover the cost of the benefits it approves as part of the regular budget cycle. This phase-in of new benefits would avoid the immediate negative impact of further UW revenue reductions and the potential shift in tuition increases to other students.

Of the 1,133 remissions the UW granted this past fall, 901 have been made to veterans. Currently, the remaining 50% of a veteran’s academic and segregated fees are reimbursed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This bill would require the UW to pick up the entire 100% remission resulting in lost revenue of at least $2.2 million annually on top of current veterans remissions estimated at $4.2 million.