University of Wisconsin Records Officer Council

The University of Wisconsin Records Officers Council is charged with achieving consistent records management practices within the University of Wisconsin System, to the extent that it best serves the needs of all University institutions. Toward this end, the records officer from each UW System institution is a member of the Council. The tasks of the Council include:

  1. Producing general schedules for the University of Wisconsin System,
  2. Providing records management resources, including this website, for the University of Wisconsin System; and
  3. Working together with the State of Wisconsin Public Records Board to advocate on behalf of the University of Wisconsin System. 

The Council is sponsored and supported by the University of Wisconsin Office of General Counsel. 

Records and Forms Officers are appointed by their institution leaders pursuant to Wis. Stat. sec. 15.04(1)(j).  Their chief duty is to assure compliance with records retention and disposition laws.  Records and Forms Officers are not responsible for responding to public records requests (a/k/a freedom of information requests).  Persons wishing to make a public records request should contact the institution's records custodian.

Also see: About the Council | List of Records Custodians (for public records requests)

Records Officers and Contact Information

  1. UW Colleges: Dennis Larsen,, 608-262-2477
    On the web: UW Colleges Records Management
  1. UW-Eau Claire: Gregory J. Kocken,, 715-836-3873
    On the web: UW-Eau Claire Records Management
  1. UW-Extension: Dennis Larsen,, 608-262-2477
    On the web: UW-Extension Records Management
  1. UW-Green Bay: Deb Anderson,, 920-465-2539
  1. UW-La Crosse: Scott Holzem,, 608-785-8569
  1. UW-Madison: Peg Eusch,, 608-265-3284
    On the web: UW-Madison Records Management
  1. UW-Milwaukee: Brad Houston ,, 414-229-6979
    On the web: UW-Milwaukee Records Management
  1. UW-Oshkosh: Joshua Ranger,, 920-424-0828
    On the web: UW-Oshkosh Records Management
  1. UW-Parkside: Anna Stadick,, 262-595-2077
    On the web: UW-Parkside Records Management
  1. UW-Platteville: James Hibbard,, 608-342-1719
  1. UW-River Falls: Kathryn Otto,, 715-425-3567
    On the web: UW-River Falls Records Management
  1. UW-Stevens Point: Brad Casselberry,, 715-345-3234
  1. UW-Stout: Heather Stecklein,, 715-232-5418
    On the web: UW-Stout Records Management
  1. UW-Superior: Laura Jacobs,, 715-394-8359
  1. UW System Administration: Jennifer Lattis,, 608-262-0747
    On the web: UW System Public Records Management
  1. UW-Whitewater: Karen Weston,, 262-472-5520
    On the web: UW-Whitewater Records Management