Concealed Carry

On July 8, 2011, Governor Walker signed 2011 Wisconsin Act 35 into law.  Effective November 1, 2011, it will be legal for licensed individuals to be armed with a concealed weapon.  Under the new law, an individual does not violate the prohibition against disorderly conduct, or does not violate any local ordinance prohibiting disorderly conduct, by carrying particular weapons.  A licensed individual may lawfully carry particular weapons in an open or concealed manner as long as there is no indication of a criminal or malicious intent.  The law does not, however, permit people to go armed with a weapon in certain public buildings such as police stations or sheriff’s offices, prisons or jails, courthouses, and schools.  There is no parallel exception for college or university buildings.

The Wisconsin Administrative Code at UWS 18.10(3) prohibits a person from carrying, possessing, or using any dangerous weapon on university lands or in university buildings or facilities, unless it is for law enforcement purposes or the person receives written approval of the chief administrative officer.  Chapter 18 permits police to confiscate and remove dangerous weapons from university lands.  To the extent Chapter 18 is consistent with Wisconsin Act 35, the University of Wisconsin System will continue to follow and enforce Chapter 18.

In response to questions and concerns from several campuses, we have developed a list of “Frequently Asked Questions” to provide guidance on this issue. We recognize that you may have questions that are not addressed in the FAQs and encourage you to contact General Counsel Tomas Stafford at (608) 263-6105, or Deputy General Counsel Jennifer Lattis at (608) 262-0747, or your campus legal counsel with any other questions you may have.