Office of Finance

Administrative Services

The Office of Administrative Services, under the direction of Associate Vice President Ruth Anderson, oversees the office of risk management, office of procurement, and office/building services. The Associate Vice President represents the University’s interests to the State’s Division of Enterprise Operations.

The Office of Administrative Services includes:

  • Procurement - Provides purchasing leadership, policy direction and support for UWS institutions through delegated procurement authority.
  • Risk Management - Provides leadership to UWS institutions for maintaining a safe, healthy environment for faculty, staff, students and persons using University programs and facilities.
  • Office and Building Services (requires employee login) - Oversees mail, parking and other services as needed.

Ruth Anderson, Associate Vice President
780 Regent Street, Suite 105
Madison, WI 53715
Phone: 608-263-4378
Fax: 608-262-8589

Rich Lampe, Director of Procurement
Phone: 608-262-9138
Fax: 608-262-8589

Dave Pulda, Director of Risk Management
Phone: 608-263-4381
Fax: 608-263-7330

Alisa Kemnitz, Operations Program Associate
Phone: 608-263-1174
Fax: 608-263-7330