Financial Administration

PART II - Preaudit Steps

D. Travel Agency and Other Direct Billed Travel Invoices

In addition to the audit steps in Section A and applicable audit steps in Section B and F, audit for the following:

  1. Lowest logical fare appears to be charged. Travel agency can provide information, if necessary.

  2. Name(s) of the traveler(s) and the purpose and dates of the trip are indicated on the invoice.

  3. Official business destination is indicated.

  4. Routing is direct and additional stops or routing for personal reasons are explained and did not increase the cost of the ticket.

  5. Contract travel agencies, when required, were used and purchasing approval is obtained when required. [Ref. State Procurement Manual PRO-D-32]

  6. Invoice is approved by the employe's supervisor, department chair or dean.

  7. Service Fees are itemized.