Financial Administration

PART II -- Preaudit Steps

B. Travel [Ref. FAP - UW System Travel Regulations (UWSTR) - (F36) ]

In addition to the audit steps in Section A, audit travel expense reports (TERs) for the following:

1. General:

  1. All applicable blocks/spaces on the TER are completed.

  2. Signature of claimant and claimant's supervisor.

  3. Home or campus address.

  4. Dates of trip, time of departure and return, point of origin and destination, and mode of travel, when needed to support a claim are indicated.

  5. Official business purpose of the trip is specifically stated and that acronyms, except those in common usage (e.g., USA), are understandable or explained.

  6. Purpose of trip is consistent with the expenses claimed.

  7. Travel advances are appropriately coded in the credit block.

    1. Travel advance credit does not exceed the amount of the total expenses (debits).

    2. If the advance is more than the expenses claimed on the TER:

      • The employe has refunded the balance. Note on the TER the amount refunded.

      • The travel advance (credit) amount equals the total of the expenses (debits) and that the net amount is entered as -0-.

  8. Receipts are original.

  9. Expenses stated in foreign currencies are properly converted to US dollars.

  10. Daily chronological itemization of official UW business-related expenses;

  11. Expenses which are not UW business-related are not claimed;

  12. Direct-billed expenses are itemized in the direct-billed column of the Travel Expense Report, but are not included in the amount claimed for reimbursement.