Financial Administration

PART II -- Preaudit Steps

9. Travel Advances [Ref. FAP - UW System Travel Regulations (UWSTR), Section XV]

In addition to the audit steps in Section A, audit travel advances for the following:
  1. Form is properly completed: coding, dates of travel, destination, purpose of trip, approvals and signature of the payee.

  2. Payee is an employe, including student employes.

  3. Estimates for meals and lodging do not exceed the maximums unless adequate justification is provided.

  4. Total estimated expenses do not exceed systemwide or the institution limits.

  5. Advance amount requested does not include costs paid directly, such as registration fees or airfare.

  6. Outstanding travel advances are reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure timely collection.

  7. Advances not accounted for within 30 days after completion of the trip are deducted from the employe's next paycheck.

  8. Issue date of the advance is not more than seven (7) calendar days before departure unless an adequate explanation is provided.

  9. Continuous advances are monitored periodically to determine that the dollar amount and time frame is reasonable.

  10. Individual travel advances which are issued from institution-administered group travel advance funds are accounted for under the same limitations and requirements as other types of advances.

  11. Advances for moving expenses are supported by a copy of the lowest estimate and the approval letter authorizing reimbursement. (Refer to Relocation and Temporary Lodging (F19))