Financial Administration

Part V. - Procurement Card Purchases

  1. Institutions may utilize procurement cards designed to reduce or replace low dollar, best judgment purchase orders, open vendor blanket orders and petty cash purchase orders. Procurement of allowable services and supplies does not eliminate the need to maintain financial accountability. Note: The procurement card may be used for conference registrations, lodging (room only, no room service or personal expenses), air fare, bus or train, car rental, and gas for the car rental. The procurement card may not be used for meals or other travel expenses beyond those listed.

    Transactions, regardless of the procurement or payment method, must still meet the various audit tests and comply with state procurement manual and institutional dollar limits. In addition to the general audit steps outlined in Section II, A, procurement card transactions should be audited to ensure that:

    1. The item(s) or service purchased is one for which use of the procurement card is authorized.

    2. Appropriate procurement or payment procedures were not avoided or bypassed.

    3. Purchases were not made from ineligible vendors.

    4. Original receipts and other documentation which are required for specific transactions are available to support the charges.

  2. Institutions have a responsibility to ensure compliance with procurement card contracts and UW System policies through the conduct of periodic, random audits of specific card activity and to take actions to prevent and correct misuses and abuses.