Financial Administration

PART II -- Preaudit Steps

8. Moving Expenses [Ref.FAP - Relocation and Temporary Lodging - (F19)]

  1. Approval of the chancellor or delegated designee is provided for moving and/or temporary lodging.

  2. Proper coding (2125).

  3. Direct costs of the move fit the definition in FAP - Relocation and Temporary Lodging - (F19).

  4. Social Security number and home address are provided.

  5. Estimates from a minimum of 3 vendors are obtained if the UW's contract carrier was not utilized.

  6. Bill of lading and estimates, where required, are attached and the claim does not exceed the lowest of the estimates unless properly justified.

  7. Maximum amount stated in FAP - Relocation and Temporary Lodging - (F19) is not exceeded.

  8. Stipend amount or indirect costs claimed do not exceed the approved amount up to the maximum of $1,000.

  9. Temporary lodging at the new location is fully explained, justified, approved and in compliance with applicable time and dollar limits.