Financial Administration

PART II -- Preaudit Steps

6. Miscellaneous Expenses [Ref. FAP - UW System Travel Regulations (UWSTR) - (F36) - Section XIII]

  1. Laundry, Cleaning, Pressing Claims:

    1. Employe was away from home on travel status more than three (3) consecutive days.

    2. Claim is limited to only one charge for each type of service per calendar week.

    3. Receipts are provided.

    4. Employe was in travel status when cost was incurred.

    5. Reasonableness of claim amount and number of items cleaned for the time period and destination.

  2. Telephone/Facsimile (Fax) Claims:

    1. Personal calls do not exceed $3 per call for each of the following conditions:

      1. Each night in travel status.

      2. An unscheduled geographical location change.

      3. An unscheduled travel status change resulting in more than a one (1) hour delay.

    2. Receipts and an adequate explanation of official business are provided for long distance or fax claims in excess of $5 per call.

  3. Porterage claims do not exceed $3 for each departure from or return to a commercial terminal unless adequately explained and supported by receipts.

  4. Other Miscellaneous Expense Claims:

    1. Business-related.

    2. Receipt, if in excess of $25.00.

    3. Appropriate nontravel class code for items not specified as travel expenses in the UWSTR.

    4. Official purchasing procedures were not circumvented for the purchase of services, supplies and equipment while in travel status.