Financial Administration

PART II -- Preaudit Steps

In addition to the audit steps in Section A, audit travel expense reports (TERs) for the following:

3. Meals [Ref. FAP - UW System Travel Regulations (UWSTR) - (F36) - Section X]

  1. Departure and arrival times are consistent with meal claims.

  2. Reimbursement is not claimed for:

    1. coffee breaks

    2. snacks

    3. alcoholic beverages

    4. meals included in a registration fee or provided by another source.

  3. Maximums are exceeded, where allowable, only when the following is provided:

    1. Receipts.

    2. Adequate justification.

  4. Meals purchased for non-UW employes are supported by receipts, an explanation of official business purpose and names of participants (or number of students for student group travel).

  5. Number of meals indicated on receipts matches the number of participants or students.