Financial Administration

PART II - Preaudit Steps

F. Invoices and Other Disbursements

In addition to the audit steps in Section A, audit for the following:

  1. Payee and remittance address are correctly entered on the voucher.

  2. Compliance with terms of a gift or grant, the mission of the department, and any express state statute.

  3. Purchasing approval is indicated when required. [Ref. PRO-E-4 and PRO-E-8]

  4. Discounts are deducted in accordance with institution policy.

  5. Calculations (extensions, footings and cross footing) are correct.

  6. Taxes are deducted, as appropriate. [UWSTR Appendix I]

  7. Credit memos/amounts are deducted.

  8. Invoices are original, itemized and include price, quantity, terms, description and date(s) of service (if applicable). Note: Faxed invoices may be acceptable based on institutions' internal policies.

    1. Direct charge invoices marked "duplicate" or photocopies of originals are verified to prevent duplicate payment.

    2. Reimbursements to employes for purchases made on behalf of the UW are supported by original itemized receipts.

  9. "Date Received" at the institution is indicated on the invoice.

  10. Prompt pay interest and other penalty charges are accurately calculated and paid when required unless a good faith dispute or explanation of improper invoice form is provided.

  11. Bills which are subject to penalty charges are paid on time.

  12. Foreign currencies are converted to U.S. dollars with appropriate exchange rates.

  13. Price, quantity, description of purchase and other terms agree with purchase order/contract provisions.

  14. Receipt of goods or services has been confirmed where necessary.

  15. Delivery was made to a UW address unless appropriate unusual circumstances are explained.

  16. Prior balances or back-ordered items are not included in the amount to be paid.

  17. Purchases that exceed the institution's purchase order limit.

  18. Bid or waiver procedures have been followed for purchases over $25,000.