Financial Administration

Guest Rooms

Inquire as to the total number and type of rooms in the hotel and the maximum number which can be committed to the meeting. Determine the cutoff date for room reservations and the cutoff date for room block as well as check-in/check-out times. Establish how many days prior to and after the official meeting dates special lodging rates apply.

Request the rate structure for both single or double occupancy, with and without taxes. Be sure there is an understanding about how sales and use taxes will be billed or avoided.

Ask if the rates apply to children staying in the same room.

Review services such as complimentary breakfasts, newspapers, refrigerators in room, local phone calls, etc. Negotiate to have them included at no extra cost.

Determine whether room deposits are needed on reservations and, if so, what credit cards are accepted. Ask what the property will do if confirmed rooms are not available. Will they provide overflow housing accommodations at another comparable property for the conference rate and provide free transportation between the properties?

Ask about complimentary room availability. How many complimentary rooms are issued for units occupied prior to, during and after the meeting dates? Specify the number of rooms needed for staff, speakers and VIPs. Ask what the criteria are for obtaining free, more steeply discounted, or higher quality rooms for those persons.

Ask whether there is space available to store luggage after checkout but before departure from the conference (this service should be provided free). Use the number of guest rooms as a bargaining tool for obtaining complimentary sleeping rooms or for reducing or eliminating the cost of the meeting rooms.