Financial Administration

Employee Travel Accident Coverage Questions & Answers

  1. What is travelers' insurance?

    The main portion of this insurance is the AD&D benefit amount for any loss that were to occur when under a covered hazard.

    There is travel assistance service coverage provided by our third-party administrator, Europ Assistance; medical evacuation and repatriation is insured up to $500,000.

    Medical emergency assistance coverage for worldwide travel while traveling on business for the university outside of the USA. Europ Assistance is designed to ensure the availability of competent health care as promptly as possible in situations where health care may not be available or not be up to U.S. standards. Coverage includes:

    1. 24-hour, seven days a week, toll-free emergency assistance service.
    2. Medical Evacuation and Repatriation coverage.
    3. Limited Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage.

  2. What is it not?

    This program is not a health insurance program. Employees are covered by worker's compensation. We would encourage the purchase of health insurance coverage for student research assistants and family members if their present health care provider does not protect one for worldwide travel.

  3. Whom does the program cover?

    University employees and student research assistants whose expenses for the trip and/or foreign stay are authorized by and at the expense of the university. Family members of those employees, who are defined as long-term employees for overseas purposes, are covered under this program when the university authorizes the arrangement and it is at the expense of the university.

  4. Are students covered?

    Only research assistants whose expenses are authorized by and at the expense of the university.

  5. What defines employee for the purpose of coverage?

    A person on university payroll and/or on official leave due to being granted a sabbatical.

  6. Is an unpaid volunteer who receives non-salaried compensation for services covered?

    Only if travel is authorized by and at the expense of the university and the volunteer is conducting research on behalf of the university.

  7. If I go on sabbatical, during which time I am not on the payroll, am I covered?

    Coverage is provided if one is on official leave due to being granted a sabbatical. Family members, however, must purchase their own coverage.

  8. Is staff working at a foreign university during a one-year leave of absence covered?

    They are not covered by the program and should consider purchasing the appropriate coverage or consult with their health care provider.

  9. When does coverage begin and end?

    Coverage begins upon arrival at first touchdown site and is within 72 hours of beginning one's employment at the jobsite. Coverage is also included for up to 72 hours of personal excursion before, during, and after a business trip. If additional time is needed for personal travel, the employee may purchase additional coverage through a travel assistance provider such as International Scholastic Overseas Services or Hinchcliff.

  10. As an employee of the UW, do I have the coverage for personal travel?

    No, coverage must be purchased for personal travel. However, one will receive coverage for up to 72 hours of personal travel before, during, and after a UW business trip.

  11. When personal travel is combined with business travel, how does coverage apply?

    Coverage is provided for up to 72 hours of personal excursion before, during, and after a business trip.

  12. What do I carry or how do I prove I have coverage?

    Consult with your institutional travel manager or international travel contact. They will furnish you with a card, which you are to carry with you. The card will have the necessary phone numbers should they become necessary. Carry your regular health insurance card with you too.

  13. Does coverage cease immediately after an UW employee leaves employment or is there a grace period?

    Coverage ceases immediately when an employee leaves UW employment.

  14. What do I do in a medical emergency while traveling overseas?

    Call the telephone number on your Europ Assistance card. Europ Assistance is to be informed as soon as possible. They are experienced in areas pertaining to who to contact for medical attention and, if need be, who to contact for medical evacuation. They will make the necessary arrangements for you. As mentioned earlier, carry your regular health insurance card with you.

  15. How can I learn more about the coverage limits under this insurance program?

    More information can be obtained from the UW System Risk Management website.