Financial Administration

G9 Attachment 2 - UW System Classification Delegation

Revised: June 2014

The classes identified below are delegated for all classification actions, except the following:

  1. Movement from a delegated to a nondelegated class.

  2. Allocation of a position to a Confidential, Confidential/Supervisor, Supervisor or Management class for the first time. (See NOTE below.)

  3. Movement between delegated classes in different pay schedules and/or broadbanded classifications.

Actions 1 through 3 above must be submitted to the UW System, Office of Human Resources & Workforce Diversity. The UW System, Office of Human Resources & Workforce Diversity will forward copies to the Office of State Employment Relations (OSER), Division of Compensation and Labor Relations for approval.

NOTE: Vacant first time supervisory positions are delegated transactions if the agency has delegation for the supervisory classification title. This still precludes the movement of a filled position into a first time supervisory title (on a delegated basis).

For certification requests constituting "replacement same duties" or "replace changed duties," the institution may treat all nondelegated classes as being delegated if parts 14 and 15 of the replacement position description previously approved by the OSER, Division of Compensation and Labor Relations, result in:

  1. The same intent and purpose for the position;

  2. No organizational changes; and,

  3. No significant time percentage (25% or more) changes.

Academic Department Associate
Academic Department Manager**
Academic Department Specialist
Academic Department Supervisor**
Accountant-Jrny, Sr, Adv
Administrative Manager
Administrative Program Mgmt Supervisor*
Administrative Telecommunications Specialist
Agriculture Research Equipment Operator-E/O, Sr
Animal Research Technician-Obj/Int, Sr, Adv
Animal Sciences Meat Technician
Arboretum Project Coordinator
Arboretum Technician
Architect-Sr, Adv
Architect/Engineer Management
Architect/Engineer Manager
Architect/Engineer Supervisor
Artist Model-LTE
Associate Director, UW Processing Center
Audiovisual Services Assistant
Audiovisual Services Coordinator
Auditor-Jrny, Sr, Adv
Auto/Equipment Tech-Entry, Dev, Sr, Master
Automotive Shop Supervisor

Baker l, 2
Bindery Worker
Bookstore/Museum Gift Shop Assistant Manager
Bookstore/Museum Gift Shop Manager
Bricklayer and Mason
Budget & Policy Analyst Agency, Adv
Budget & Policy Analyst Division, Adv
Budget & Policy Supervisor - Division
Building/Grounds Superintendent
Building/Grounds Supervisor

CADD Specialist-Sr, Adv 1, Adv 2
Central Fleet Supervisor
Chemist, Sr, Adv
Chemist Supervisor
Chemistry Laboratory Technician-Entry, Obj, Sr
Chief, WI Veterinary Diagnostic Lab - Barron
Civil Engineer, Sr, Adv
Clerical Assistant
Clerical Helper LTE
Coding Technician, Sr, Adv
Collections Specialist, Sr
Communications Engineer, Sr, Adv
Communications Specialist-Sr, Adv
Community Services Specialist-Sr
Community Services Technician
Computer Printing Technician, Lead
Construction Representative-Jrny, Sr
Contracts Specialist, Sr, Adv
Contracts Supervisor
Cook 1, 2
Crafts Operations Manager - UW-Milwaukee
Craftsworker Supervisor
Crowd Control Officer-LTE
Custodial Services Program Supervisor
Custodial Services Supervisor
Custodian, Lead
Cytotechnologist, Sr, Adv
Cytotechnologist Supervisor

Dairy Plant Assistant-Entry, Sr, Adv
Dean Assistant
Diagnostic Imaging Supervisor
Diagnostic Radiologic Technician Ent, Obj, Adv
DNA Technician-Entry, Obj, Sr
Document Production Assistant, Lead

Educational Assistant Entry/Objective
Educational Loan Collector 1, 2
Educational Services Assistant-Education*
Electrical Engineer, Sr, Adv
Electronic Engineer, Sr, Adv
Electronics Supervisor
Electronics Technician - Agency, Sr
Electronics Technician - Media, Int, Sr
Electronics Technician - Research, Sr
Electronics Technician - Specialized, Int, Adv
Elevator Constructor
Emergency Services Coordinator
Employment Relations Manager-UW System !!
Employment Relations Program Coordinator !!
Engineering Specialist, Sr, Adv 1
Environmental Civil Engineer-Adv
Environmental Coordinator
Environmental Health Manager
Environmental Health Specialist, Sr, Adv
Environmental Health Supervisor
Environmental Laboratory Technician, Sr
Environmental Program Associate
Environmental Toxicologist, Sr, Adv
Equal Opportunity Program Specialist !!, Sr !!
Equal Opportunity Specialist !!, Sr !!

Executive Chef

Facilities Maintenance Spec, Adv
Facilities Repair Worker, Adv
Facility Designer, Jrny
Financial Clerk
Financial Officer
Financial Program Supervisor
Financial Manager
Financial Management Supervisor
Financial Specialist 1, 2, 3, 4
Financial Specialist 5*
Financial Specialist Program Supervisor
Financial Specialist Supervisor
Fleet Program Officer
Food Production Assistant
Food/Retail/Catering Leader 1, 2, 3
Food Service Administrator
Food Service Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4
Food Service Manager
Food Service Supervisor
Forms Technician

Glassware/Media Preparation Technician-Entry, Obj
Graphic Designer, Entry, Sr
Graphic Reproduction Technician, Entry, Sr
Grounds Crew Lead

Health Information Supervisor
Health Information Supervisor-UW System
Health Information Technician 1, 2
Health Physicist, Sr, Adv
Heat & Frost Insulator
Heavy Equipment Operator
Histology Technician, Sr
Histology Technician Supervisor
Horticultural Technician
Human Resources Assistant, Adv
Human Resources Program Officer* !!
Human Resources Specialist !!, Sr !!, Adv !!
HVAC/Refrigeration Specialist, Adv

Instrument Maker-Entry, Jrny, Adv
Instrument Maker Specialist
Instrument Shop Coordinator
Instrument Shop Supervisor
Inventory Control Assistant
Inventory Control Coordinator, Adv
Inventory Control Supervisor
IS Business Automation Analyst, Sr, Specialist, Consultant/Administrator ##
IS Comprehensive Svcs Professional, Sr, Specialist ##, Consultant/Administrator ##
IS Comprehensive Support Technician-Entry, Int, Sr
IS Data Services Professional, Sr, Specialist, Consultant/Administrator ##
IS Network Services Professional, Sr, Specialist, Consultant/Administrator ##
IS Network Support Technician-Entry, Int, Sr
IS Operations Support Technician-Entry, Int, Sr
IS Professional In-Training (A), (B)
IS Resources Support Technician-Entry, Int, Sr
IS Supervisor 1, 2
IS Systems Development Svcs Professional, Sr, Specialist, Consultant/Administrator ##
IS Technical Services Professional, Sr, Specialist, Consultant/Administrator ##

Laboratory Helper
Laboratory Preparation Technician-Obj, Sr
Laboratory Sample Control/Receiving Tech-Obj, Sr
Laboratory Technical Support Supervisor
Landscape Architect, Sr, Adv
Laundry Worker, Lead
Law Enforcement Dispatcher
Law Enforcement Dispatcher Supervisor
Legal Associate
Legal Secretary
Library Services Assistant, Sr, Adv
Library Services Supervisor
Licensed Practical Nurse
Lifeguard LTE
Lifesaving Station Operator
Lifesaving Station Supervisor
Locksmith, Jrny

Management Information Chief
Management Information Manager
Marketing Specialist, Sr
Marketing Supervisor
Material Reprocessing Assistant-Entry, Obj
Mechanical Engineer, Sr, Adv
Mechanician-Entry, Jrny
Media Program Supervisor
Media Supervisor, Adv
Medical Assistant 1, 2
Medical Laboratory Technician-Entry, Obj
Medical Program Assistant, Associate, Sr
Medical Staff Assistant
Medical Technologist, Sr, Adv
Medical Technologist Supervisor
Medical Transcriptionist, Sr
Microbiologist, Sr, Adv
Microbiologist Supervisor
Microbiology Laboratory Technician-Entry, Obj, Sr
Motor Vehicle Dispatcher Supervisor
Motor Vehicle Operator-Heavy, Light
Multimedia Facilities Coordinator

Necropsy Technician
Network Cable Technician
Nursing Assistant 1, 2, 3
Nurse Clinician 2, 3, 4
Nurse Clinician 2, 3-Weekend
Nursing Supervisor

Occupational Therapy Assistant-Ent, Obj
Office Associate
Office Operations Associate
Offset Press Operator, Lead
Operations Program Associate

Paralegal Obj, Adv
Payroll and Benefits Program Supervisor
Payroll and Benefits Specialist, Adv
Payroll and Benefits Supervisor
Payroll and Benefits Systems Coordinator*, Sr*
PE/Sports Equipment Area Coordinator
Pharmacy Technician-Entry, Obj
Photo Lab Technician-Entry, Sr
Photographer-Entry, Sr
Physical Therapy Assistant
Physician Assistant
Plant Pest & Disease Specialist, Sr, Adv
Police Captain
Police Detective
Police Lieutenant
Police Officer
Police Sergeant
Police Service Associate
Power Plant Assistant
Power Plant Manager
Power Plant Operator-Sr, In Charge
Power Plant Superintendent
Printing Assistant
Printing Services Program Supervisor
Printing Services Supervisor
Printing Technician
Procurement Specialist**, Obj**, Sr**
Program Assistant Supervisor, Adv
Program & Policy Analyst, Sr, Adv
Program & Policy Analyst Adv-Mgt
Program & Policy Supervisor
Public Health Educator, Sr, Adv
Public Health Nurse, Adv
Publications Editor, 3
Publications Supervisor
Purchasing Agent, Obj, Sr
Purchasing Associate
Purchasing Supervisor
Purchasing Agent Management Supervisor
Purchasing Agent Program Supervisor

Real Estate Specialist, Sr, Adv
Records Officer - UW Madison
Records/Forms Management Specialist, Sr
Research Analyst, Sr, Adv
Research Gardener
Research Technician 1, 2, 3, 4
Risk Management Manager**
Risk Management Officer
Risk Management Specialist, Sr

Science Management Supervisor
Seamer 1, 2
Security Officer l, 2, 3, 4
Security Officer-UWHC Health, Lead
Security Supervisor
Sheetmetal Worker
Shipping and Mailing Associate, Adv
Shipping and Mailing Supervisor
Shop Supervisor
Special Activities Helper-LTE
Stage Hand-LTE
Student Status Examiner Associate, Sr

Technical Typist, Sr
Training Officer, Sr
Training Officer Supervisor
Tree Pruner
Typsetting Input Operator

Ultrasound Technician
University Benefits Program Analyst
University Benefit Specialist
University Business Specialist*
University Business Specialist Supervisor*
University Conference Coordinator*
University Conference Coordinator-Supervisor*
University Executive Staff Assistant*
University Grants & Contracts Specialist, Sr
University Services Associate 1, 2
University Services Program Associate
UW Administrative Program Supervisor
UW Agriculture Supervisor
UW Athletics Program Specialist
UW Athletics Program Specialist Supervisor
UW Extension Mail Technician
UW Human Resources Manager !!, Adv !!
UW Info Sys Customer Sales Technician, Lead
UW Program Specialist, Supervisor

Veterinarian Specialist-Sr, Adv
Veterinary Technician 1, 2, 3
Veterinary Technician Supervisor
Visual Arts Supervisor

Waste Management Specialist, Sr, Adv
Waste Management Supervisor
Workers Compensation Examiner, Sr

* Delegated to UW System Administration only
** Delegated to UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee only

## Not delegated for reclassification or reallocation into these titles

!! A reminder that these titles are not delegated for staffing