Financial Administration

UW System Travel Regulations


  1. Employees with a good driving record and a valid driver's license may use a fleet vehicle when conducting institution business. Employees who travel for and are reimbursed by another institution are not required to utilize the other institution's fleet vehicles. Additional requirements are necessary for students, nonemployees or drivers of 12-passenger vans or larger. Check with your institution risk management office.

    UW-Madison Fleet - 262-1307
    DOA Central Fleet - 266-8757
          DOA Fleet Rates (Type Fleet Rates in the keyword search box.)

  2. Passengers are restricted to individuals who are conducting UW or state business.

  3. Charge cards are provided with each vehicle and shall be used only for business-related expenses. All charge slips for fleet vehicle expenditures must be given to the fleet office. Emergency expenditures related to the operation of the vehicle and gasoline purchases where the charge cards are not accepted are reimbursable if supported by receipts.

  4. Charges for locksmith services (except those due to mechanical problems), parking tickets, traffic citations, etc., are the employee's responsibility and are not reimbursable.

  5. The UW System is self-funded for insurance which protects the institution and authorized drivers when on official business.

  6. Employees with work assignments requiring a great amount of driving may be personally assigned a state/UW-owned vehicle. An employee who has a personally assigned, state/UW-owned vehicle may use the vehicle for commuting mileage in addition to UW business travel. Commuting miles are defined as travel between home and work. During that time, a driver may make incidental stops at grocery stores, daycare, medical appointments for medical emergencies, etc. Chancellors, who are deemed to be on call 24 hours per day are not bound by the above-mentioned driving limitations. The employee must reimburse the state/UW for personal and commuting mileage at the rate of 51¢ per mile plus sales tax.

  7. Fleet vehicles reserved on a per-trip basis shall not be used for personal travel. However, it is expected that upon occasion, for reasons of efficiency and security, public officers, employees or agents will begin and/or conclude their official business from locations other than their designated headquarters and/or permanent work site. Furthermore, while carrying out their official duties, it is expected that public officers, employees or agents will engage in acts reasonably necessary for or incidental to living. Such acts will typically involve travel not to exceed a 50-mile radius of the temporary work site where the official business is being conducted.

  8. When two or more employees are going to the same destination, the fleet vehicle may be used to pick up and drop off employees at their homes provided it is more time/cost-efficient for the UW.

  9. Sometimes even a rental car can be less costly than using a personal vehicle or a fleet vehicle.