Financial Administration

UWSA - FPPP 36 - Travel Regulations


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The UW System policy on payments for personal services are set forth in FAP - Personal Services Payments (F31).

When an employer-employee relationship does not exist, the PIR form should be used to process payments to individuals for services rendered. Any portion of the travel expenses, in which the individual adequately accounts for the expenses and provides receipts where required, may be coded to SFS account code 2162. Adequate accounting to the UW is defined as follows:

Lodging: Must be single rate with original receipt.

Airfare: Must be other than first or business class with original or photocopy of the passenger coupon provided.

Car Rental: Must be mid-size or smaller with original receipts provided.

Mileage: Not to exceed the maximum allowed for UW employes.

Meals: Must be reasonable.

Miscellaneous: Must be UW business-related and supported by receipt if over $25.

It is not necessary that the claims be itemized on a per claim per day basis. When provision of personal services by non-employees is expected to exceed 30 days, not necessarily in succession, the UW System Travel Office should be consulted for travel-related cost containment information/opportunities.

Note: Applicant interview candidates must conform to mileage, meal and lodging maximums and receipt requirements as outlined in Sections X and XI.