Financial Administration

UW System Travel Regulations


  1. APPROVING AUTHORITY - An employee who is authorized to approve expenditures of departmental funds.

  2. DEPARTMENT HEAD - The person in charge of a subdivision of a particular school or unit that has its own structured budget.

  3. Employee - Any payrolled UW faculty or staff, employee of another state agency, legislator, judge, board member, or permanent, project, limited term or student employee. See ss.16.53(12)(a)2. and 20.916(9)(a)1., Wis. Stats.

  4. HEADQUARTERS - Includes the area within the city or village limits where an employee's permanent work site is located and the area within a radius of 15 miles based on odometer mileage from the employee's permanent work site. The employee's supervisor must determine the employee's permanent work site in the best interest of the institution. See s.20.916(9)(a)2., Wis. Stats.

  5. HOST - An employee who accompanies an interview candidate and incurs meal expenses not related to the formal interview process.

  6. MAY - Permission to; at the option or discretion of.
    SHOULD - A reasonable expectation.
    MUST - An obligation of, or requirement to.
    SHALL - A necessity.

  7. PERMANENT WORK SITE - The place (office, lab, etc.), usually located on campus, where the employee generally performs his/her regularly scheduled duties.

  8. REASONABLE - Not extreme or excessive.

  9. RECEIPT - An original written acknowledgement provided by a named payee that confirms payment has been received for a stated purchase.

  10. SUPERVISOR - A person to whom the employee is held accountable. This person generally approves the employee's time sheet, authorizes vacation and leave requests, etc.

  11. TEMPORARY WORK SITE - A place other than the permanent work site where an employee periodically performs UW work-related activities.

  12. TRAVEL STATUS - When an employee leaves the headquarters to perform official UW business.

  13. TRAVELER - Any person who incurs travel expenses on official UW business and is entitled to reimbursement for those expenses.

  14. VOLUNTEER - Any person not in employee status who provides service to the state for no charge.