Financial Administration

UW System Travel Regulations


State funds may be used to finance student trip transportation in connection with academic instruction for those courses for which a requirement exists to travel off-campus. Gift, grant or contract funds may be used if specifically provided for in the terms of the gift, grant or contract. Transportation for field trips may be provided in institution fleet vehicles or public carriers. Passengers must be limited to employees or other persons whose presence is necessary for conducting official business. If faculty, staff or students use private vehicles for field trips, they should be fully aware of their liability and should carry adequate insurance. Refer to FAP - Special Course Fees (G29) to determine when student travel expenses may be paid from special course fees or when they should be paid personally by the student. If special course fees were charged to cover the cost of food, lodging and incidentals, documentation such as the applicable page of the course catalog or brochure should be attached to the transaction.