Financial Administration

Emerald Club Benefits

What is the Emerald Club Service Program and how do I enroll?

The Emerald Club is National's premier service program. Membership is free to all Big Ten travelers. At most major airports, the service takes you away from the lines at the counter to the Emerald Aisle. You choose the car you want to drive and you're on your way. To obtain a fee-waived Emerald Club application, please contact your institution travel coordinator or business office or enroll instantly:

What if I am already an Emerald Club member?

Emerald Club members can conveniently update their profile online any time, day or night. Members simply need to set up a unique login I.D. and password by going to Click on "Log in Here" by Emerald Club Logo, then "Create your own Login and Password." Address changes, and credit card updates, etc. can also be made at Once you are assured that your Emerald profile contains the correct Contract I.D. number, your Emerald number can be used when reservations are made via National, the Internet or a travel agency to ensure the Big 10 rate. You do not need to remember your Contract I.D. because it is referenced in your profile. For Emerald Club profile questions, call National at (800) 962-7070. (This number does not provide fee-waived applications, but will be able to help you with profile updates.)

Is there a benefit to booking directly with National via the Internet?

Yes! The Big 10 contract rate for pick up and return to same city (not applicable on one way rentals) are reduced by $2 per day when you make your reservation via The contract rate will be compared to other applicable retail rates. If a retail rate is lower, you will receive the lower rate (as stated above).

How do I make a reservation?

Reference your University's unique Contract ID number (see above). Call 1-800-CAR-RENT, call your University's preferred travel agency or make a reservation using the internet at

Under what circumstances would I be offered a rate with a mileage cap?

National's Big 10 contract rates include unlimited mileage for rentals that are picked up and returned to the same rental location (local rentals). Certain promotional local rates and one-way rates may include a mileage charge.

Is the program available for student travel?

No, this is not a student program.

Will I need to show identification at time of rental?

ID in the form of a University ID badge, a National ID card or sticker or an Emerald Club card with the University Contract ID contained in the profile is required. ID checks are random, but can be expected on all rentals occurring at National locations doing business on campus or near the University.

What are the program benefits?

Unlimited mileage (with some exceptions, not applicable to some one way rentals.)
  • Our lowest rate is always guaranteed
  • A discount of up to 10% on promotional and holiday rates
  • Special Internet Rates
  • Fee-waived Emerald Club Service membership
  • Loss Damage Waiver included in rate
  • Liability insurance included in rate
  • Minimum rental age is 21
  • No drop charge on one-way rentals
  • Applies to both business and personal travel

Should I accept the optional Loss Damage Waiver in the U.S.?

No, in the United States, do not accept the LDW. The optional Loss Damage Waiver is included in the rate program and should be declined. Accepting the Loss Damage Waiver Option would simply duplicate the negotiated program benefits. The Loss Damage Waiver is included on business and personal rentals. The LDW is included on both Contract Rates and Promotional rates in the U.S. The University Contract ID/Name must be referenced on the rental. This includes all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Should I accept the optional Loss Damage Waiver on International rentals?

No, National offers Contract Rates that include LDW on International rentals in Canada and the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany Holland, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Unlike the U.S., in order for the LDW to be included, the rates must be the Contract Rates. This benefit does not apply to promotional or holiday rates on International rentals.

Does the Big 10 contract cover Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) or Personal Effects (PEC)?

No, there is no provision in the contract that covers the drivers' personal injuries or possessions. These products are sold to the public by National and if these coverages are accepted by you, they are not reimbursable expenses.

Should I accept Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)?

No, Supplemental Liability Insurance is not a reimbursable expense. Internationally, the liability insurance is equal to the amount mandated by each country.

Some states offering secondary liability may print language on the rental agreement stating National's liability is secondary. The Big Ten contract overrides this provision, and liability is primary.

Could National refuse to rent to me once a reservation has been accepted?

Yes, National has established Safe Driver Criteria that all potential renters must meet. This is common with all car rental companies. In some states National will perform a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) check prior to rental. If the Safe Driver Criteria is not met, National will decline the rental.

Will I receive additional frequent traveler points when returning from National in conjunction with any airline or hotel?

Yes. For a fee of 50 cents per day you can earn frequent flyer miles when you rent from National in conjunction with a qualifying flight on America West, American, Continental, Delta, Midwest Express, Northwest, United or USAir. And, when you rent from National in conjunction with a stay at an HHonors Hilton you will earn 250 HHonors points.

Please Note: National Car Rental is the only car rental company that has a signed agreement with the Big 10 Conference. With National, you can be sure of full contract benefits at all U.S. locations.