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Travel Questions and Answers


May I rent a car rather than take a fleet car or my personal vehicle?

It's strictly a departmental budgetary call but also dependent on your institution's fleet usage policy. Sometimes, depending on the mileage driven, a rental car is less costly than a fleet vehicle or even a personal vehicle.

I can get better rental rates from non-contract vendors. Why is that?

Well, not usually. Rate quotes from non-contract vendors seldom include insurance coverage. When the cost of insurance that runs between $15 and $30 per day is figured in, the non-contract vendors' rates are almost always higher. Additionally, personal car insurance policies are increasingly dropping coverage when cars are rented for business reasons. Don't be caught uninsured! Also, use of contract vendors is mandatory.

Why should I enroll in the contract vendors' frequent rental clubs?

Several reasons. Membership in National's Emerald Club, which normally costs $50 annually, is free under our contracts. You receive automatic upgrades and speedier service.

What should I do if I have a billing or service problem with a contract vendor?

In addition to bringing it to the attention of the rental personnel when the problem occurs, contact the UW System Travel Office and supply details (dates, city, rental agreement number, if possible name of person you feel is providing improper service, etc.).


What should I do when a hotel/motel clerk in Wisconsin refuses to accept the tax exemption certificate and wants to charge state and local tax?

Ask for the manager who should be familiar with the tax rules. If that doesn't work and it is during normal working hours, have them call the UW System Travel Office (608-263-0873) for clarification. Otherwise, report the incident to the travel office upon return at which time the problem will be followed up. Note: All of the State's contract hotels should be familiar with the UW's tax exemption status.

What do I do if a contract hotel does not offer the contract rate when I properly request it?

Make sure the problem is not with you. Often, employees provide the wrong booking code or identification. Keep in mind also that contract hotels, by contract, are allowed to have blackout dates like home football weekends, graduation, etc. where they are not obligated to extend the contract rates even though they may have rooms. If you feel the error is on the part of the hotel, contact the UW System Travel Office.