Financial Administration

Appropriation Structure - 2003-04



Non-Appropriated Revenue (GPR pgm one) 100   GPR Annual
GPO - Doctoral Cluster 101 1a GPR Annual
GPO - Non-Doctoral Cluster 102 1a GPR Annual
GPO - Colleges 103 1a GPR Annual
GPO - Extension Programs 104 1a GPR Annual
GPO - UW Facilities Maintenance 105 1a GPR Annual
GPO - System Wide 106 1a GPR Annual
Student Aid 107 1ab GPR Annual
Area Health Education Center 108 1b GPR Annual
Energy Costs 109 1c GPR Annual
Principal Repayment and Interest 110 1d GPR Sum Suff
Lease Rental Payments 111 1da GPR Sum Suff
Self-Amortizing Facilities P&I 112 1db GPR Sum Suff
State Laboratory of Hygiene P&I 113 1fh GPR Sum Suff
Laboratories 114 1fm GPR Annual
Educational Technology 115 1cm GPR Annual
Department of Family Medicine and Practice 116 1fc GPR Annual
State Laboratory of Hygiene - GPO 117 1fd GPR Annual
Industrial & Economic Development Research 118 1as GPR Annual
Distinguished Professorships 119 1am GPR Annual
Physical Plant Service Departments 120 1g PR Continuing
Surplus Auxiliary Funds 121 1ga PR Continuing
Laboratories 122 1Lm PR Annual
Principal Repayment - Interest & Rebates 123 1kd PR-S Sum Suff
Lease Rental Payments 124 1ke PR-S Sum Suff
State Laboratory of Hygiene - P&I 125 1ih PR Sum Suff
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 126 1fj GPR Annual
State Laboratory of Hygiene - Drivers 127 1ia PR Continuing
Auxiliary Enterprises 128 1h PR Continuing
Stores 129 1ha PR Continuing
State Laboratory of Hygiene 130 1i PR Continuing
Academic Student Fees 131 1im PR Continuing
Extension Non-Credit Program Receipts 132 1iz PR Continuing
Gifts & Donations - General 133 1j PR Continuing
Gifts - Student Loans 134 1ja PR Continuing
Gifts & Donations - WARF 135 1j PR Continuing
General Operations Receipts 136 1iz PR Continuing
Sale of Real Property 138 1ka PR Continuing
Fed aid - Hatch Adams - Land Grant Research 142 1m PRF Continuing
Fed aid - Smith Lever - Land Grant Extension 143 1m PRF Continuing
Fed aid - Special Projects 144 1m PRF Continuing
Fed aid - Work Study 145 1ma PRF Continuing
Fed aid - Supplemental Educ Opportunity Grants 146 1ma PRF Continuing
Fed aid - Student Loans 147 1ma PRF Continuing
Fed aid - Basic Educ Opportunity (Pell) Grants 148 1ma PRF Continuing
Fed aid - Direct Student Loans 149 1ma PRF Continuing
Fed aid - Federal Indirect Cost Reimbursement 150 1n PRF Continuing
Fed aid - Nursing Loans - Undergraduate 151 1ma PRF Continuing
Fed aid - Nursing Loans - Graduates 152 1ma PRF Continuing
Student-Related Activities 153 1kp PR-S Continuing
UW Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention 154 1kr PR-S Continuing
Aquaculture Center 156 1kn PR-S Annual
Outdoor Skills Training 157 1kf PR-S Annual
Extension Local Planning Program 158 1ep GPR Annual
Environmental Ed: Environmetal Assessment (274) 160 1r SEG Continuing
Endowment Trust Fund Income (876) 161 1u SEG Continuing
Endowment Trust Fund Operations (875) 162 1w SEG Continuing
Environmental Education: Forestry (212) 164 1rc SEG Annual
Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Non State Agency Fees 165 1je PR Continuing
Veterinary Diagnostic Lab State Agency Fees 166 1kg PR Continuing
Extension Recycling Education (279) 168 1tb SEG Annual
Grants to Forestry Cooperatives (212) 169 1qm SEG Annual
Humanities Council 171 1ft GPR Annual
Grants for Study Abroad 173 1er GPR Annual
Farm Safety Program Grants 174 1fs GPR Annual
Fee Remissions 175 1bm GPR Annual
Extension Outreach 176 1eo GPR Annual
Schools of Business 177 1em GPR Annual
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention & Intervention 178 1fx GPR Annual
Environmental Education Grants 179 1ee GPR Annual
Great Lakes Fish Study 181 1kb PR-S Annual
Distinguished Professorships - Matching 182 1jm PR Continuing
Extension Outreach 183 1hm PR Continuing
License Plate Scholarship Programs 184 1jp PR Continuing
Center for Urban Land Economics Research 185 1gr PR Annual
Schools of Business 186 1Ls PR Annual
Funds Transferred From Other State Agencies 187 1k PR-S Continuing
Extension Student Fees 189 1ip PR Continuing
Solid Waste Research and Experiments (279) 190 1tm SEG Annual
Telecommunications Services (285) 191 1q SEG Annual
Veterinary Diagnostic Lab-Federal Aid 199 1mc PRF Continuing
GPO - System Administration 301 3a GPR Annual
General Operations Receipts - System Administration 336 3iz PR Continuing
Federal Indirect Cost Reimbursement - Sys Admin 350 3n PRF Continuing
Minority and Disadvantaged Programs 402 4a GPR Annual
Graduate Student Financial Aid 403 4b GPR Annual
Lawton Minority Undergraduate Grants Program 406 4dd GPR Annual
Lawton Minority Undergraduate Grant Program: Auxiliary Enterprises 420 4g PR Annual
Graduate Student Financial Aid - Auxiliary Enterprises 421 4gm PR Annual
UW Madison Athletics - Auxiliary Enterprises 528 5h PR Annual
UW Madison Athletics - Non-Income Sports 530 5i PR Continuing
UW Madison Athletics - Gifts & Grants 533 5j PR Continuing
UW Hosp & Clinics Authority - Services Received 601 6a GPR Annual
UW Hosp & Clinics Authority - Services Provided 620 6g PR Continuing
Sales Tax Clearing 902 20.907(5) (e3) REV Continuing
Reserve for Federal Tax Withholding 904 20.907(5) (e1) REV Continuing
Contingent Fund 960 20.285(2) (b) REV Continuing
ACH Rejects Clearing 965 20.907(5) (e) REV Continuing
Advanced Academic Student Fees 966 20.907(5) (e9) REV Continuing
Employer's Share Fringe Benefit Clearing 980 20.907(5) (e13) REV Continuing
Revenue Clearing Account 990 20.907(5) (e13) REV Continuing
Travel Advance 991 16.53(1) (cm) REV Continuing
Unredeemed Bad Checks 993 20.907(5) (e13)   Continuing
Unpaid Salary Deductions 997 20.921(3) (a) REV Continuing
Deductions From Salaries-Optional Deductions 998 20.921(1)(a)(bm) REV Continuing
Insurance Loss 999 20.907(5) (e4) REV Continuing
General Definitions
General Purpose Revenue GPR
Program Revenue PR
Segregated Funds SEG
Program Revenue-State PR-S
Revenue REV
Program Revenue - Federal PRF

Note: The state fund for these appropriations is 103, except for the segregated funds, where the state fund number is next to the description.

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