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Title:  Insurance Losses

State Fund/Agency
Cash Balance
103/285 REV Continuing 20.907(5) (e 4) Yes

Statute Language:

Custody Accounts: An account may be established and moneys expended there from under this subsection for any of the following purposes:
  1. A trust account or deposit containing moneys which are owned or payable or may be determined to be owned by or payable to persons other than the state.
  2. Deposit of checks, share drafts or other drafts drawn upon accounts containing insufficient funds.
  3. Sales taxes collected by state agencies prior to the date prescribed for payment to the department of revenue.
  4. Insurance loss receipts.
  5. Income producing securities donated to the state for a specified purpose.
  6. Advances from child caring institutions and counties and moneys receivable from counties under s. 46.037.
  7. Moneys held as the result of audit settlements pending appropriate disposition.
  8. Rental revenues and expenses for temporary rental property held by the state.
  9. Advance payments of program revenue.
  10. Advance federal aid project payments.
  11. Medicare expenses chargeable to counties.
  12. Any contingent fund authorized by law, not directed to be deposited under a specific appropriation.
  13. Other purposes allowed by law.

Institutions Which Have Budget Authority for This Appropriation:

Not applicable, there is no budget for this appropriation.

Allowable Major Classes of Expense/Revenue:

Class 0911, Insurance Loss Reimbursement, is the primary revenue code used in this appropriation. The full range of supplies & expense and capital are allowed. Salaries, fringe benefits and aid to individuals are not normally charged to this appropriation.

Special Restrictions or Policies/Procedures:

This appropriation should only be used to account for the receipt and disbursement of proceeds from insured losses.

Year-End Instructions (lapse, carry forward, etc.):

The year-end cash balance is carried forward to the new fiscal year.

Policy Paper References:

FAP - Loss Fund Operations(F35)

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