Financial Administration

Appropriation 120

Title:  Physical Plant Service Departments

State Fund/Agency
Cash Balance
103/285 PR Continuing 20.285 (1) (g) Yes

Statute Language:

All moneys received for the operation of the university service departments to be used for the operation of the university service departments, to permit cooperation between the service departments and any state or federal agency, and to be available for the purchase of materials and the payment of wages. To the extent that moneys for the payment of wages under this paragraph are transferred from general purpose revenue appropriations, those appropriations may be supplemented as necessary from 20.865 (1) (c), compensation and related adjustments, for pay plan costs associated with the proportionate share of wages paid by such appropriations.

Institutions Which Have Budget Authority for This Appropriation:

Madison, Milwaukee, Parkside

Allowable Major Classes of Expense/Revenue:

Salaries, fringe benefits, supplies & expense, capital and sales credits.

Special Restrictions or Policies/Procedures:

  1. Position Control Policies
    s. 16.505 (2) applies, see Appendix A.
  2. Budget Control/Transfers/Overdrafts
    See FAP - Budget Transfers (F5) for these limitations.
  3. Activity Code Limitations
    Use activity 7 only. See Activity Codes and Definitions for descriptions.

Year-End Instructions (lapse, carry forward, etc.):

Since this is a continuing appropriation, unexpended or unencumbered budget moneys do not lapse to the state at the end of the fiscal year. Year end open encumbrances are budgeted in and expended from appropriation 120 by the UW and allotted in 120 by DOA in the new fiscal year. The year end cash balance is brought forward to the new fiscal year. Refunds of prior year expenditures are deposited to this appropriation using the code of the original expenditure.

Special Instructions on Salaries/Fringe Benefits:


Policy Paper References:

FAP - Internal Services Chargebacks (F24)