Financial Administration

Appropriation 110

Title:  Principal Repayment and Interest

State Fund/Agency
Cash Balance
103/285 GPR Sum Suff 20.285 (1) (d) N/A

Statute Language:

A sum sufficient to reimburse 20.866 (1) (u), the bond security and redemption fund, for the payment of principal and interest costs incurred in financing the acquisition, construction, development, enlargement or improvement of university academic facilities.

Institutions Which Have Budget Authority for This Appropriation:

All institutions except System Administration and System Wide

Allowable Major Classes of Expense/Revenue:

Special purpose only. Expenses are limited to class codes 5705 and 5706.

Special Restrictions or Policies/Procedures:

  1. Position Control Policies
    Not applicable since there are no salaries in this appropriation.
  2. Budget Control/Transfers/Overdrafts
    See FAPP - Budget Transfers (F5) for these limitations.
  3. Activity Code Limitations
    Use activity 7 only. See Activity Codes and Definitions for descriptions.

Year-End Instructions (lapse, carry forward, etc.):

Any unexpended or unencumbered current year budget dollars must be lapsed back to the state at the end of the fiscal year. There is no cash balance to carry forward. There should never be any encumbrances established in this appropriation. Refunds of prior year expenditures are deposited to this appropriation using the code of the original expenditure.

Special Instructions on Salaries/Fringe Benefits:

Not applicable since there are no salaries paid.

Policy Paper References: