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PDF Help

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a universal file type that is compatible across browsers and platforms. A PDF maintains its original appearance and layout both on the screen and when printed.

Problem Solution
PDF text is garbled Close and reopen the PDF
File damaged or corrupt Try using a different browser. Download file first, then open it.
Can't print a PDF file Save the PDF, open the saved file, and then print. (To save the pdf, right-click on the pdf link and choose "Save link as")
Other problems Download most recent version of free Adobe Acrobat Reader

How to Search a PDF

Open the PDF in a browser. On the PDF toolbar, just above the PDF, click on the "Search PDF" tool. In some browsers, this icon resembles binoculars. A "Search PDF" pane will open to the right of the PDF. Enter search queries.

Still having trouble? Try Adobe Reader support or contact