Capital Planning & Budget


99-1 Physical Planning Principles

History: Res. 7868 adopted 3/5/99; amended by Res. 8431, 9/7/01
That, upon recommendation of the President of the University of Wisconsin System, the Board of Regents adopts the following principles to guide physical planning of the UW System campuses:

  1. To plan physical development within the context of planning guidelines specific to each institution.
  2. To create a physical environment that contributes aesthetically and physically to the overall educational experience.
  3. To plan facilities on the basis of student enrollment and other population levels and distributions which may reasonably be projected.
  4. To plan facilities that are responsive to programs and the way they are delivered.
  5. To recognized the increasingly diverse student population, and to provide for the needs of these students.
  6. To maintain an ongoing comprehensive building space management function and a comprehensive space use plan specific to the university.
  7. To make optimal use of all existing UW System facilities through renovation, conversion, and remodeling wherever possible.
  8. To protect the large investments already made by students and the state in the physical plant and equipment.
    1. Health and Safety – To assure that proper consideration is given to the health and safety of all who use university facilities.
    2. Maintenance – To properly maintain all existing facilities, promoting maximum usefulness for program objectives, and to extend the useful life of facilities as long as economically feasible.
    3. Accessibility – To develop an overall environment that is accessible to people with disabilities and to remove existing barriers that obstruct access to university buildings and facilities.
    4. Resource Conservation – To achieve the maximum efficiency in the consumption of resources.
  9. To encourage collaboration, partnerships and innovation in planning.
  10. To ensure facility development is compatible with the existing positive features of campus and neighborhood environs through joint university/community planning, addressing economic and environmental impact.
  11. To include students in the planning process whenever feasible, but always in the case of planning for student fee-supported projects.
  12. To provide for the transportation system needs of the university community.
  13. To plan development at the UW Colleges in concert with the county and/or city in which the UW College is located.
  14. To join in Wisconsin’s commitment to the recognition of the state’s heritage through historic preservation of buildings and other facilities.