Capital Planning & Budget


94-3 Acquisition of Property Within Approved Campus Development Plan Boundaries

History: Res. 6633 adopted 3/94

That, upon the recommendation of the President of the University of Wisconsin System, the Board of Regents delegates to the Vice President for Physical Planning and Development authority to complete land transactions within the main campus boundaries established by the Board of Regents. These transactions would be completed within the following parameters:

  1. Authority to purchase in fee simple, with the negotiated purchase price at or below the average of two recent appraisals.
  2. Authority to exchange parcels with another party or parties, with any difference in value being paid or received.
  3. Authority to accept gifts of land.
  4. Authority to sell land previously declared surplus, by Regent action.
  5. Funding sources for the purchase of land will be in accord with Regent Policy 90-3: Funding of University Facilities Capital Costs.
  6. All land transactions resulting in University ownership will be subject to a favorable environmental audit.
  7. Land transactions completed by the Vice President under this authority will be reported to the Physical Planning and Development Committee.
  8. In undertaking these transactions, the Vice President will:
    1. coordinate transactions with municipalities to facilitate joint planning;
    2. fulfill long-standing commitments with private land owners.
  9. Delegation of approval authority notwithstanding, the Vice President will seek prior Regent approval for any land transactions involving extraordinary circumstances.