Capital Planning & Budget


91-2 Procedures for Security Lighting and Emergency Telephones

History: Res. 5744 adopted 4/11/91.

In an effort to promote physical security on the campuses, the Board directs the Vice President for Physical Planning and Development to implement the following recommendations:

  1. Define the minimal composition of a campus security inspection team (i.e., chancellor, campus security officer, campus risk management personnel, physical plant staff, students, community representatives) with assurances of female participation.
  2. Request that each campus security inspection team conduct an annual night-walk inspection on all campus grounds to assess the adequacy of emergency telephones and exterior lighting, including building, area, walkway, mall and parking lot lighting. The team's findings should be reported to the chancellor, campus facilities planning office and the Vice President for Physical Planning and Development by a date certain each year.
  3. Request campus facilities planning offices to develop a plan of action which will correct exterior lighting, emergency telephone, and other deficiencies identified by the campus security inspection team.
  4. Expedite implementation of lighting projects identified in each biennial capital budget;
  5. Schedule the appearance of the administrator of UW System Administration's Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Policy Studies at an annual meeting of the Board's Physical Planning and Development Committee to identify and discuss the specific safety issues reported annually by the campuses.