Capital Planning & Budget


86-2 Authorization to Remove Unneeded Structures

History: Res. 3509 adopted 4/11/86; amended by 89-5 and Res. 5722, 3/91.

Approval is granted to increase the authority delegated to the chancellors to permit their approval of the removal/razing of obsolete or unneeded university structures when the structure's current value, as determined by the State Department of Administration, does not exceed $100,000, subject to compliance with the policies of the State Building Commission.

No facility or portion thereof which has been named after a person shall be removed/razed or have the name removed unless the Board has approved a plan to continue recognition of the person after whom the facility was named. Examples of such continued recognition are a plaque, an appropriately placed monument, a cornerstone of a new facility constructed on the site of the demolished building, etc.