Regent Policy Documents



(Formerly 86-1)

Any person now or hereafter holding an appointment by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, and a member of the faculty, academic, or limited staff, unless excluded by the provisions below, shall be a member of the University Insurance Association.

  1. Membership in the University Insurance Association and participation in its plan of group life insurance shall be a condition of employment for all those persons specified in the membership paragraph who are on the October payroll (payable in November), and whose current rate of compensation is at least the minimum established by the Board of Directors of the Association, in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin System Administration, on an academic year basis, or on an annual basis with the following exceptions:
    1. Persons employed in the former Wisconsin State Universities System who make written Election of Non-participation not later than March 16, 1979. Filing of an Election of Non-participation is irrevocable, meaning that membership in the Association and participation in its plan of group life insurance is waived forever;
    2. Persons whose part-time status is included as a part of their appointment titles;
    3. All categories of graduate student members of the academic staff as identified by the appropriate University of Wisconsin System office responsible for staff benefits;
    4. All categories of interns, externs, residents, and any other groups or titles that by intent relate to similar positions or functions; and
    5. Faculty members who refused membership on one of the two occasions in 1959 and 1966 when the classes eligible for membership were enlarged.
  2. Regular membership begins on the twentieth day of September of each year, and the appropriate payroll offices shall deduct the annual premium as determined by the Board of Directors of the Association for the year during which employment occurs from the October payroll (payable in November). The effective date of coverage for persons employed in the former Wisconsin State Universities System who have not filed an Election of Non-participation shall be March 1, 1979. Duration of employment is not considered in making this deduction. Refunds for parts of years of employment are not allowed because coverage continues for the balance of the year. When a member terminates, coverage may be beyond September 20 at the option of the member by direct payment to the insurance company under contract with the Board of Directors of the Association.
  3. To avoid undue financial hardship, new employees whose current earnings are less than 50% of the average salary of University of Wisconsin System instructors are not eligible to participate in this program. No current member shall be dropped from membership in the Association because of this provision. The Board of Directors, with the concurrence of the University of Wisconsin System Administration, shall have authority to change the 50% figure if deemed to be in the best interests of the members of the Association.

History: Res. 3458 adopted 2/7/86; replaces 78-8.

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The Regent Policy Documents were adopted and are maintained pursuant to the policy-making authority vested in the Board of Regents by Wis. Stats. § 36. The Regent Policy Documents manifest significant policies approved by the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents. This document is a ready reference for those charged with carrying out these policies. Unless noted otherwise, associated documents and reports may be obtained from the Office of the Secretary of the Board of Regents, 1860 Van Hise Hall, 1220 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706, ph 608-262-2324.