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(Formerly 92-5)

Guidelines for Tenured Faculty Review and Development: Each University of Wisconsin Institution will be asked to develop, through the normal governance process, a plan for tenured faculty review and development, to be presented to University of Wisconsin System Administration for acceptance. The purpose of the plan is to ensure continuing growth and development in faculty professional skills, encouraging University of Wisconsin faculty to explore new ways to promote academic excellence, and to identify areas for improvement and provide solutions for problem areas. Each plan should include the following components:

  1. Provision for a review, at least once every five years, of each tenured faculty member's activities and performance, in accordance with the mission of the department, college, and institution. Exceptions in the schedule may be made for faculty undergoing evaluation for promotion during this cycle.
  2. Effective criteria against which to measure progress and accomplishments of faculty during this review and a description of the methods for conducting the evaluation. These criteria should reflect the mission of the various units (e.g., department, college, institution) and be sufficiently flexible to allow shifts in professional emphasis. The review and methods should include both peer and student evaluations and give appropriate emphasis to activities in support of undergraduate education. The review and methods should fully respect academic freedom.
  3. Delineation of responsibilities for conducting reviews. The plans should identify the respective roles of the department, dean, vice chancellor, and any other appropriate review group(s).
  4. Means by which the merit process and faculty review and development process will be linked and use to facilitate, enhance, and reward outstanding performance. With the advent of this review procedure, institutions may wish to modify their current merit review process. Consideration should be given to the most efficient and appropriate use of faculty time on the evaluation process.
  5. Procedures defining means for remedying problems in cases where deficiencies are revealed. Procedures defining means for remediation should be included in the plan for any faculty member whose review reveals significant deficiencies in performance. Resources should not be removed from existing faculty development programs for programs to remedy deficiencies.
  6. Provision for a written record of each faculty review; designation of the location for the personnel file.
  7. Description of the accountability measures the institution will use to ensure full implementation of the institutional plan.
  8. Nothing in these guidelines is intended to alter the existing rules dealing with tenure termination. The plan for tenured faculty review should not involve the creation of unnecessary additional bureaucracy; it is intended to ensure that either new or existing post-­tenure review procedures meet the minimum expectations described in the guidelines. If existing procedures already meet these guidelines and are auditable, they may be submitted as the institutional plan.

Timetable: Because it is important for institutions to shape their own plans to be appropriate for that institution and because it is crucial that the faculty be primarily responsible for the plans, sufficient development time is crucial. Therefore, institutional plans for tenured faculty review and development will be developed during the 1992-93 year and will be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs in Spring, 1993, for approval and will be implemented during the fall semester, 1993-94.

History: Res. 6118 adopted 5/8/92.

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