Regent Policy Documents



(Formerly 89-8)


This policy applies to all UW institutions granting non-medical leaves of absence for unclassified staff.


Unclassified staff members possess talents, expertise, and interests that are often valued and sought after by organizations and governmental units outside the UW System, or by other institutions within the System.  Granting leaves of absence in appropriate circumstances allows unclassified staff members to share these special skills with other entities, and can offer significant benefits both to the staff member’s home institution and the outside organization by fostering collaborations and developing productive relationships among businesses, educational institutions, research organizations, and other branches of government. 

Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Board of Regents to permit leaves of absences for non-medical reasons to be granted to unclassified staff members as follows:

  1. The chancellor of each institution, after considering specific institutional needs, may grant an unclassified staff member a full- or part-time leave of absence without pay for non-medical reasons for a period up to five years.

  2. A leave of absence granted under section I must specify the period and the percentage time of the leave.

  3. A leave of absence under section I may be granted for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:
    1. Allowing the unclassified staff member to engage in entrepreneurial activities such as forming companies or businesses related to or arising in connection with the unclassified staff member’s institutional research or area of academic specialization;
    2. Allowing the unclassified staff member to perform services for another UW System institution or UW System Administration;
    3. Allowing the unclassified staff member to engage in public service as an elected or appointed official of local, state, or federal government;
    4. Allowing the unclassified staff member to serve as a fellow of a research entity affiliated or engaged in research with a UW System institution;
    5. Allowing the unclassified staff member to engage in activities similar or related to those enumerated in this section.

  4. The chancellor of each institution may grant an unclassified staff member an extension of a leave of absence beyond five years for the reasons enumerated in section III.

Oversight, Roles & Responsibilities

UW chancellors will be responsible for implementing this policy.  The UW Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity will monitor compliance with this policy.


History: Res. 5364 adopted 11/10/89; replaces 74-9, 78-3; amended by Res. 8457, 10/5/01; repealed and recreated by Res. 9704. 12/11/09; amended by Res. 9938, 06/10/11.

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