Regent Policy Documents



(Formerly 91-13)

  1. Selection of Teaching Assistants:
    1. Institutions employing teaching assistants must establish minimum standards and guidelines for selecting teaching assistants.
    2. Non-native English speakers must be required to demonstrate proficiency in spoken English before they are assigned classroom duties as teaching assistants.
    3. Institutions may determine whether establishing appointment criteria are best carried out at the departmental, college or institutional level.
  2. Training of Teaching Assistants:
    1. Institutions must require appropriate training or previous relevant experience for new teaching assistants as a condition of employment.
    2. Non-native teaching assistants shall receive training in educational and cultural expectations for students and teaching assistants at their institutions.
    3. Teaching assistants shall receive training on curricular and educational expectations for students in their institutional units.
    4. Training of teaching assistants may take place at the institutional, college or departmental level, or some combination of these, as appropriate.
  3. Evaluation of Teaching Assistants:
    1. Institutions shall establish standards for the supervision and evaluation of teaching assistants.
    2. New teaching assistants shall be evaluated by the appropriate unit for the purpose of teaching improvement as early in the first semester as possible.
    3. All teaching assistants shall be evaluated by the appropriate unit each semester.
    4. All units employing teaching assistants must establish a process for receiving and addressing student complaints and concerns about teaching assistants. This information should be made available in the course syllabi.
    5. Evaluation and supervision of teaching assistants may be carried out at the college or departmental level, as appropriate.
    6. Institutions must establish meaningful, appropriate accountability standards and procedures to ensure that all units employing teaching assistants are complying with University of Wisconsin System and institutional policies on teaching assistants.

Institutional policies and accountability standards must be submitted to the University of Wisconsin System for approval by June 1992. Full implementation is dependent on fiscal implications.

History: Res. 5977 adopted 12/6/91.

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