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(Formerly 90-3)

  1. The Board of Regents reaffirms its position that students should not be requested nor allowed to commit money via segregated fees for use in academic capital budget expenditures. This philosophy extends beyond strictly instructional space to include other capital expenditures that are necessary in support of the primary mission of the University System. It is expected that secondary, non-curricular student use of facilities will occur, in an effort to maximize the use of facilities and meet the needs of students.
  2. Capital costs related to the various auxiliary enterprises and/or revenue-generating activities should generally be funded by user fees. It is likely that some projects will involve use of segregated fees, such as student unions, recreation facilities, etc., in addition to or instead of user fees.
  3. Extramural funds such as gifts and grants can be used to replace or supplement any other source(s) of funds that would typically be prescribed for capital expenditures. The Board of Regents reaffirms its position related to the use of outside funds for capital projects:
    1. Such projects should not be initiated without an opportunity being provided for the Regents to determine the appropriateness of the proposed funds and/or project(s) to System needs.
    2. The need of a project that also requires a General Purpose Revenue contribution, or a project that would otherwise utilize General Purpose Revenue as a prescribed funding source, should be evidenced by its inclusion in long-range campus plans that reflect overall needs.
  4. The funding for capital costs need not be necessarily the same as the funding of operating costs for the facility/program. Appropriate funding sources for facility/program operation are documented elsewhere.
  5. The following list, based on the above funding source parameters, represents the criteria that will be used by the Board of Regents to evaluate the appropriateness of funding proposed for the capital costs of facilities within the University of Wisconsin System:
      Prescribed Allowable Not Allowed
    Instructional GPR Gifts/Grants Seg. Fees
      Classrooms Labs    
    Library GPR Gifts/Grants Seg. Fees
    Research GPR Gifts/Grants Seg. Fees
    Executive Admin. Space GPR Gifts/Grants Seg. Fees
    Faculty Offices " "
    Central Maintenance/Storage " " "
    Hazardous Waste Storage " " "
    Campus Roads, Walkways " " "
    Pedestrian Malls & Bikeways " " "
    Policy & Security " " "
    Student Health Services " " "
    Student Services (Admissions, Financial Aid, Textbook Rental, Counseling, Advising) " " "
    Multi-Purpose Space      
    Athletics (except UW-Madison) GPR Gifts/User Fees  
      Stadium/Arena User Fees Seg. Fees/Gifts  
    All Athletics (UW-Madison) GPR/PR Gifts/Grants  
      Academic Purpose GPR Gifts/Grants Seg. Fees
      Community Benefit Gifts/Grants User Fees  
    Child Care      
      For Students/Staff GPR Gifts/Grants  
      For Community User Fees "  
    Exterior Development GPR Gifts/PR  
    Physical Education GPR " Seg. Fees
    Recreation (unless accommodated in instructional space) User Fees " GPR/Seg. Fees  
    Student Unions User/Seg. Fees Gifts/Grants  
    Auxiliary Operations & Support   Gifts/Grants  
    Food Service User Fees   GPR
    Parking Lots & Structures User Fees Seg. Fees GPR
    Retail Sales User Fees   GPR
    Student Housing User Fees   GPR
    Alumni   GPR Gifts/Grants Seg. Fees
    Foundation Gifts/Grants   GPR/Seg. Fees
    All Facilities Municipal Gifts/Grants GPR/PR
    Additional Energy Conversation Equipment GPR
    UW-Extension Instruction/Support Food Service/Housing GPR
    User Fees
    Gifts Grants " Seg. Fees
    Seg. Fees/GPR
    Central Campus Utilities GPR/PR   New Seg. Fees
    Clinical Science Center *This section was changed by 1995 Wisconsin Act 27 which restructured the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics and created the Hospital Authority and Hospital Board.
    Land Acquisition (except Parking) Parking* GPR
    Seg. Fees
    Seg. Fees
    *This change reflects Program Revenues as an allowable funding source for parcels needed for subsequent development of parking facilities is made on the assumption that, should a site acquired by Program Revenues subsequently be needed for a GPR purpose, the Building Commission will make GPR funds available to reimburse the entire acquisition cost plus a depreciated value of any Program Revenue-funded improvements.

History: Res. 5500 adopted 5/11/90; amended by Res. 5989, 12/91; reaffirmed by Res. 6257, 11/92 and Res. 6304, 12/92.

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The Regent Policy Documents were adopted and are maintained pursuant to the policy-making authority vested in the Board of Regents by Wis. Stats. § 36. The Regent Policy Documents manifest significant policies approved by the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents. This document is a ready reference for those charged with carrying out these policies. Unless noted otherwise, associated documents and reports may be obtained from the Office of the Secretary of the Board of Regents, 1860 Van Hise Hall, 1220 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706, ph 608-262-2324.