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(Formerly 87-14)

The policy for the distribution of biennial minor projects allocations from the State Building Commission consists of the following elements:

General Guidelines:

  1. Each chancellor will be allocated a portion of the minor project fund. Each university will be fully responsible for developing projects that can be funded within its allocations, including any bid overruns.
  2. System Administration will retain a contingency fund to be used with discretion for emergency projects, amplifying the available equipment funds for college projects, or other special problems that will arise. This contingency is not intended to bailout college projects that come in over budget. Prior to the end of the biennium any unused contingency funds will be distributed to the Chancellors.
  3. Individual project implementation will follow the current procedure involving a program/request document for approval by System Administration and the Division of State Facilities Management.
  4. Each university is encouraged to consider its planning list for the capital budget and implement those minor projects it had planned to accommodate. It is recognized, however, that it may be desirable to reconsider priorities within that list and also that needs may have arisen that would require some substitutions to the list. The objective is to achieve some planning flexibility for the campus within a known budget framework.
  5. System Administration will keep a record of the allocation to each campus and debit project budgets against those commitments. Post-bid budgets will be used to determine the presumed “cost of the project.”
  6. All funds that have not been authorized for expenditure by the Board of Regents prior to March 1 of the odd-numbered year will revert to the System ­Administration-held contingency fund for redistribution on a system wide basis.

Formula for the Distribution of Funds:

  1. System Contingency: A System-held contingency of 10% of the System fund for minor projects will be established to meet unanticipated problems.
  2. Flat Distribution: A similar lump sum amount will be allocated to each chancellor. This flat distribution recognizes that minor project funds are needed universally and that they are the principal means by which a campus can keep its space relevant to contemporary teaching and research needs.
  3. Percent of System General Purpose Revenue funded Gross Square Feet: The remaining monies will be distributed on the basis of each campus' percent of the total University System space funded by General Purpose Revenue. This allocation recognizes that a campus with more space has an inherently greater need to revise that space. The source of this information is the latest space inventory data submitted to System Administration and confirmed.

History: Res. 3915 adopted 10/9/87; amended by 89-6.

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