Regent Policy Documents



(Formerly 96-1)

That, upon the recommendation of the President of the University of Wisconsin System, Resolution 7166 (March 8, 1996), be rescinded and the following amended policy be adopted:

It is the preference of the Board to commemorate the contributions of individuals to academic excellence through the naming or dedication of scholarships, programs, professorships, and other similar actions.  However, the Board recognizes that from time to time there may be a desire to name or dedicate some facilities or portions of the university's buildings or grounds after a person. 

The Board must approve each request to name an entire building after an individual or individuals.  Such requests are to be presented to the Physical Planning and Funding Committee and the full Board of Regents for discussion in closed session prior to approval.  Public announcement of the request by the university shall not be made until the request has been approved by the board.

If the request involves a living individual who has been formally associated with the University of Wisconsin System, or has held a paid public office, a waiting period is required unless a situation is presented where a gift stipulates the naming.  Normally, at least five years must have elapsed from the time a person who has been formally associated with the University of Wisconsin System, or has held a paid public office, has terminated that association, or left the paid public office.

The Chancellor of each institution is authorized to name facilities when the naming involves less than an entire building, such as rooms, wings, or exterior amenities.  This authorization is subject to the same limitations regarding waiting periods as those pertaining to entire buildings.

History:  Res. 7166 adopted 3/8/96, rescinds 90-1, Res. 5415 adopted 2/90 which rescinded 74-1, 80-1 and Res. 5205, 4/7/89; amended by Res. 9154, 3/06.

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