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Regent Policy Documents

Regent Policy Documents

Last revised February 28, 2013

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Section & Policy No.TitleFormer Policy No.
Section 1: Mission
1-1The University of Wisconsin System Mission88-8
1-2Approval of Mission Statements88-8
Section 2: Regents
2-1Emeritus Designation: Regents80-6
2-2Statement of Expectations of Board Members93-7
Section 3: Laws and Regulations
3-1Changes to Former University of Wisconsin Laws and Regulations72-3
3-2University of Wisconsin System Public Records Management N/A
Section 4: Academic Policies and Programs
4-1Recording of Lectures77-5
4-2Inter-institutional Cooperative Agreements between University of Wisconsin System Institutions and Private Colleges82-6
4-3Criteria for Use of Animals for Research84-2
4-4Minimum Requirements for an Associate Degree87-9
4-5Principles on Accreditation of Academic Programs87-1
4-6Granting of Degrees, Honors, and Awards88-3
4-7Add/Drop Policy for Courses88-10
4-8Remedial Education Policy88-16
4-9Principles for Enrollment Management90-5
4-10Class Audit Policy90-9
4-11Advanced Placement91-3
4-12Academic Program Planning, Review, and Approval in the University of Wisconsin System N/A
4-13Academic Calendar Policy92-9
4-14Enrollment Management 2100-3
4-15Excess Credit Policy02-1
4-16Criteria for Approval of Wisconsin Technical College System Collegiate Transfer Programs07-2
4-17Advanced-Standing Credit for Project Lead the Way Courses N/A
4-18Making Textbooks Affordable N/A
Section 5: Accountability/Assessment
5-1Academic Quality Program Assessment92-7
5-2Accountability Indicators00-5
Section 6: Administrative Officials
6-1Administrative Titles72-1
6-2Administrative Salary Range78-5
6-3Delegation of Authority to President for Personnel Actions87-15
6-4Search and Screen Procedures for Chancellors, Senior Vice Presidents or Vice Presidents88-2
6-5Executive Salary Structure94-4
6-6Delegation to System President01-3
Section 7: Admissions Policy
7-1University of Wisconsin System Undergraduate Transfer Policy - commonly referred to as the Academic Information Series (ACIS) 6.0 Transfer policy84-3
7-2Recognition of International Baccalaureate Program00-2
7-3University of Wisconsin System Freshman Admissions Policy07-1
Section 8: Advisory Councils
8-1Authorization to Establish Advisory Councils72-16
Section 9: Alcohol Beverages
9-1Principles for Developing Alcohol Policies01-1
Section 10: Athletics
10-1Endorsement of Statement of Principles from the Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics91-7
Section 11: Broadcasting Policies
11-1Non-duplication Broadcast Protection Agreement73-4
11-2Broadcast Stations: Procedures for Handling Complaints80-7
11-3Access for Expression of Varying Viewpoints81-1
11-4Radio Broadcast Stations: Position Statement81-3
Section 12: Competition with the Private Sector
12-1Competition with the Private Sector89-1
Section 13: Contracts
13-1General Contract Signature Authority, Approval, and Reporting72-2
13-2Real Property and Construction Contract Signature Authority and Approval93-1
13-3Authorization to Sign Documents: Vilas Trust88-15
13-4University of Wisconsin System Policy on Institutional and Employee Relationships with Educational Loan Lenders N/A
Section 14: Discrimination Prohibited
14-2Sexual Harassment Policy Statement and Implementation81-2
14-3Equal Opportunities in Education: Elimination of Discrimination Based on Gender83-5
14-4Reserve Officers Training Corps87-1(a)
14-5Measures to Alleviate Racism87-4
14-6Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation88-12
14-7Implementation of Statute on Discrimination against Students91-4
14-8Consensual Relationship Policy91-8
14-10Nondiscrimination on Basis of Disability: Policy Statement96-6
Section 15: Distance and Online Learning
15-1Distance Education Pricing Principles99-4
15-2Distance Education Standards00-4
15-3Vision, Mission Statement, Principles, and Action Plan for University of Wisconsin System Administration01-2
Section 16: Environmental Protection
16-1Environmental Policy Act Implementation81-5
Section 17: Equal Opportunity Policies: Education and Employment
17-1Programs for Minority and Disadvantaged Students72-7
17-2Establishment of Equal Opportunity Employment Offices72-9
17-3Multicultural Programs for Minority Students72-21
17-4Equal Employment Opportunities75-5
17-5Recruitment and Retention of Minority and Educationally Disadvantaged Students80-3
17-6Reaffirmation: Recruitment and Retention of Minority and Educationally Disadvantaged Students83-4
17-7Restatement of Goals on Expanding Educational Opportunities for Minority and Disadvantaged Groups84-5
17-8Equal Opportunities in Education and Employment86-5
Section 18: Extension and Outreach
18-1Organization of Extension and Outreach Activity82-3
18-2Implementation of Regent Policy Document 18-188-5
Section 19: Facilities
19-1Prorating Costs for Heating/Chilling Plants79-2
19-2Parking Facilities and Transportation Planning80-5
19-3Auxiliary Enterprise Reserves85-5
19-4Delegation of Approval Authority for Small Building Project Requests85-6
19-5Authorization to Remove Unneeded Structures86-2
19-6Distribution of Biennial Minor Projects Allocations87-14
19-7Development of Facilities in the University of Wisconsin Colleges88-7
19-8Funding of University Facilities Capital Costs90-3
19-9Long Range Plan for Addressing Physical Plant Needs90-10
19-10Procedures for Security Lighting and Emergency Telephones91-2
19-11Auxiliaries Infrastructure92-1
19-12Oversight of Facilities Constructed for University Purposes92-10
19-14Naming or Dedicating of University Facilities96-1
19-15Physical Planning Principles99-1
Section 20: Faculty, Academic Staff, Classified Staff, and Teaching Assistants
20-1System Sick Leave Policy for Faculty and Academic Staff73-10
20-2Student Evaluation of Instruction74-13
20-3Academic Staff Appointments75-3
20-4Tuition Reimbursement to Unclassified Staff Members77-2
20-5Faculty Sabbatical Leave Program83-1
20-6Policy on Non-Medical Leaves of Absence for Unclassified Staff89-8
20-7Outside Activity Reporting91-5
20-8Academic Staff Title and Compensation Plan91-14
20-9Guidelines for Tenured Faculty Review and Development92-5
20-10Establishment of Annual Leave Reserve Accounts for Unclassified Staff Earning Vacation94-6
20-11Establishment of Personal Holidays for Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees96-2
20-12Distinguished Prefix for Certain Category B Titles98-1
20-13Paid Annual Leave Options for Unclassified Staff98-6
20-14Future Staffing Principles00-1
20-15Catastrophic Leave for Faculty and Academic Staff00-6
20-17Selection, Training, and Evaluation of Teaching Assistants91-13
20-18Review of University Personnel Policies and Practices05-1
20-19University of Wisconsin System Criminal Background Check Policy06-4
20-20Classified Staff Governance N/A
Section 21: Fiscal Policy and Procedures
21-1Internal Management Flexibility97-3
21-2Auxiliary Transfer Policy98-2
21-3Auxiliary Reserve Policy99-3
21-4Identity Theft Detection, Prevention, and Mitigation N/A
21-5University Travel Policies N/A
21-6Program Revenue Calculation Methodology and Fund Balances Policy N/A
21-7Policy on the Expenditure of Tuition Revenue and State General Purpose Revenue N/A
Section 22: Gifts, Bequests, Art, and Fundraising
22-1Guidelines for Distribution of Bequests and Proceeds of Gifts and Trusts72-14
22-2Disposal of Works of Art73-15
22-3Acceptance of Gifts, Grants, and Bequests82-1
22-4Fundraising Principles and Guidelines85-4
Section 23: Health
23-1Basic Health Module78-9
Section 24: Housing Rules and Regulations
24-1Coeducational Housing72-4
24-2Freshman/Sophomore Residence Halls Requirement: Former Wisconsin State University Units Only72-6
24-3Residence Halls Visitation75-8
24-4University of Wisconsin System Policy on the Role of Resident Assistants in Residence Halls06-1
Section 25: Information Systems and Technology
25-1Telecommunications Planning and Operations88-13
25-2Guide to Plan and Implement Management Information Systems88-14
25-3Policy on Use of University Information Technology Resources97-2
25-4Policy for Large or Vital Information Technology (IT) Projects N/A
Section 26: Insurance
26-1University Insurance Association86-1
Section 27: Licensing, Collegiate
27-1University of Wisconsin Policy on Collegiate Licensing91-6
Section 29: Police Officers
29-1Deputizing Police Officers96-4
Section 30: Students
30-1Student Publications75-4
30-2Student Newspaper Disclaimer75-6
30-3Guidelines for Student Governance86-4
30-4Mandatory Refundable Fee Policies and Procedures for Student Government Organizations87-3
30-5Policy and Procedures for Segregated University Fees88-6
30-6Policy on Recognition of Student Organizations06-3
Section 31: Trust and Investment Policies
31-2Management and Administration of Trust Funds71-4
31-3Transfer of Securities71-5
31-9Investment Policy Statement: Key Elements and Review Process91-11
31-10Proxy Voting92-4
31-13Social Responsibility Investment Considerations97-1
31-15Policy on Large Unendowed Bequests/Gifts04-1
31-16Sudan Divestment06-2
Section 32: Tuition/Fees
32-1Delegation of Authority Regarding Residence Classification78-7
32-2Nonresident Tuition Remission Delegated to Chancellors87-6
32-3Academic Student Fee Structure88-11
32-4Tuition Structure: 12-18 Credit Plateau89-2
32-5Tuition Policy Principles92-8
32-6Delegation of Authority to Establish Graduate Resident Tuition Remissions98-3
32-7Student Involvement in Differential Tuition Initiatives99-2
Section 33: Board of Visitors
33-1Board of Visitors Membership78-6

NOTE: Numbering may not be sequential due to removal of obsolete policies.