Board of Regents

Research, Economic Development, and Innovation Committee - August 26, 2013

Research, Economic Development, and Innovation Committee
August 26, 2013

Chairman Higgins convened the meeting of the Research, Economic Development, and Innovation (REDI) Committee at 12:00 pm. Regents Pruitt, Bradley, Farrow, Hribar, Petersen, and Whitburn were present.

a. Discussion of the Incentive Grant Program Request for Proposal Plan and Criteria for Evaluating Proposals

Senior Vice President David Miller provided background information on the history and evolution of the Incentive Grant Program. Regent Higgins that led a discussion on the following Incentive Grant Program topics:

  • Incentive Grant programs and activities that are eligible for funding
  • Non-base building budget requirements for the Incentive Grant Program
  • Incentive Grant application and evaluation criteria
  • Selection Committee appointment and composition

REDI Committee members provided input and asked questions regarding the topics listed above to Assistant Vice President David Brukardt, Senior Vice President Mark Nook, and Senior Vice President David Miller. In particular, the Committee discussed the eligible program areas that include:

  • Economic Development Programs
  • Development of an Educated and Skilled Workforce
  • Improve Affordability of Postsecondary Education

Committee members and UW System representatives agreed on the importance of receiving grant applications that propose activity in more than one eligible program area, if possible. In addition, the committee members and UW System officials recognized the importance of grant applications that provide evidence of collaboration between institutions, businesses, and/or private organizations advance eligible program activities. The Regents did not raise any objections or concerns regarding the application process and evaluation criteria, or the Selection Committee appointments and composition.

Regent Higgins noted that the Incentive Grant Program Plan Timeline will be revised to include review of the Selection Committee's recommendation by the REDI Committee and approval of the recommendations by the Board of Regents or its Executive Committee.

Upon the motion by Regent Higgins and the second of Regent Pruitt, the Committee members present unanimously approved Resolution I.4.a.

[Resolution I.4.a.]

That, upon recommendation of the President of the University of Wisconsin System, the UW System Board of Regents approves and recommends submission of the Incentive Grant Program Request for Proposals Plan to the Secretary of the Department of Administration and the Joint Committee of Finance for 14-day passive review, as required and defined by Section 36.25 (52) of state statutes.

b. Update on the Research, Economic Development, and Innovation Committee Strategic Plan and Progress

Regent Higgins provided a brief overview of the progress that has been made by the REDI Committee on creating and maintaining a strategic plan. Regent Higgins noted the strategic planning progress that was initiated under the direction of Regent Mark Bradley.

Regent Higgins noted that Associate Vice President David Brukardt continues to work very closely with WEDC and that options are being pursued to provide additional resources to enhance the pace of these efforts.

Chairman Higgins adjourned the meeting at 12:42 pm.