Internal Audit

Audit Services

The Office of Internal Audit performs a variety of services, including the following:

Type of Service Description
Compliance Evaluate the degree of compliance with established policies, procedures, laws, regulations, and contractual provisions.
Financial Evaluate whether financial operations are properly conducted, the accounting systems are adequate, the financial statements are presented fairly, or the adequacy of internal controls over revenue, expenses, or assets of an organizational unit.
Investigation Detect or confirm the presence and extent of fraud.
Operational Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency in which an organizational unit performs its core duties and responsibilities.
Internal Control Assessment Evaluation of a particular system of internal control to determine whether objectives will be achieved.
Consulting Consulting services are advisory in nature and generally performed at the request of an engagement client, usually an organization manager. Examples of the consulting services that might be provided by internal audit departments include:
  • Leading managers through a continuous improvement program to document existing processes, evaluate controls, and recommend improvements in processes that will better achieve business objectives.
  • Recommending criteria for specific management tools such as cost-benefit analysis or return-on-investment analysis.
  • Serving as nonvoting members on management committees and work groups.

To request particular audit services, please email and provide us with information on the type of service being requested and a description of the area to be reviewed. Our ability to provide requested audit services is dependent upon a variety of factors, including associated risks, the time since the prior audit, and staff availability. However, we will give all requests consideration.