Internal Audit

Fraud, Ethics, and Abuse Resources

Every person, regardless of position, shares in the responsibility for promoting an ethical and safe environment. If you have factual information suggestive of fraudulent, wasteful, or abusive activities involving any University of Wisconsin System member, employee, student, or other affiliate, we want you to report it. Examples of matters to report include, but are not limited to:

  • Fraud, Theft, or Embezzlement
  • Economic Waste, or Misuse of University Resources
  • Conflicts of Interest or Conflicts of Commitment
  • Computer Security and other Privacy Violations
  • Research Misconduct
  • Compliance with University Policies
  • Athletics Violations
  • Environmental and Safety

How to Report
The Office of Internal Audit is one resource you can use to file a report. Reports should be made by emailing or by calling (608) 263-4395. Prior to filing a report, we encourage you to read your institution's policies related to reporting matters, as well as UW System Administration Financial Administrative Policy F16, Breach of Fiscal Integrity.

To ensure our office can appropriately investigate the report, we ask that all reports include as many details as possible. While we understand that you may not be aware of all details, we ask that you provide the following, if known:

  • The department or person engaged in the behavior
  • Your role in the incident (witness, subject, involved party)
  • Details regarding the alleged violation, including any information that could be valuable in the evaluation and ultimate resolution of this situation
  • The location of the incident or violation
  • The specific or approximate time this incident occurred
  • An estimate of how long you think the problem has been going on
  • Whether you suspect or know that a supervisor or management is involved
  • Whether management is aware of this problem
  • Any individuals known to have attempted to conceal this problem and the steps they took to conceal it
  • Estimated monetary value of matter
  • Your name, contact information, and best times to reach you, unless you wish to remain anonymous

Whistleblower Protection
The Whistleblower Law provides information on protections for state employees who disclose information about a violation of any state or federal law, rule, or regulation; mismanagement or abuse of authority in state and local government; a substantial waste of public funds; or a danger to public health and safety.