Minutes from the Meeting of the UWSA Academic Staff Committee

Minutes from UWSA Academic Staff Committee Meeting -- May 9, 2007

Date: Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Members Present:  Todd Bailey, Salvador Carranza, Jennifer Moore, Eileen Norby, Jan Sheppard, Donna Silver

Members Absent: Anne Bilder, Yufeng Duan, Lisa Kornetsky

Meeting convened:  1:05 p.m.

Agenda Discussion Items

1.  Election of Officers

  • Motion to elect Todd Bailey as Committee Chair.  Jan moved. Donna seconded.  Motion carried.
  • Motion to elect Jennifer Moore as Committee Secretary. Donna moved. Jan seconded. Motion carried.
  • Donna will continue to serve as Academic Staff Representative.
  • Sal was elected to the ASPRO Board. (His first meeting will be in June.)
  • Sal, as outgoing Chair, will send memo announcing new officers to President Kevin Reilly and Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Rebecca Martin.

2.  Review of Craven process and timeline recommendations

  • Sal will write up the recommendations as discussed and send them to the Office of the President.

3.  Other Business

  • Todd will set up a meeting with Sal and Jennifer to discuss duties and procedures for officer positions.
  • Todd will write a letter requesting that unused grant money be carried over to the next fiscal year. (Background: When a conference spans one fiscal year to the next, as occurred in a couple of grant proposals approved by the committee this year, the grant money needs to come out of the next fiscal year’s budget.)
  • Committee will post meeting agendas to Academic Staff Committee website, http://www.uwsa.edu/acstaffcommittee/, and email academic staff the link.

4.  Next Meeting

  • Not yet set. Consider a proposal to set meeting dates for reviewing grant proposals at beginning of fiscal year using CorpTime.

5.  Adjournment at 1:50 p.m.