Academic Staff Committee

Committee Members

The academic staff committee is made up of nine elected members who serve two-year terms. The committee typically consists of seven permanent members and two alternate members.

Updated November 25, 2013


Todd Bailey, Chair
Senior Institutional Planner, Office of Policy Analysis and Research
(608) 263-3743

Sal Carranza, Academic Staff Representative, ASPRO Board Member
Senior Institutional Planner, Office of Academic and Student Services
(608) 265-9177

Committee Members

Anne Bilder
Associate System Legal Counsel, General Counsel
(608) 265-3094

Ron Jetty
PK-16 Director, Academic, Faculty, and Global Programs
(608) 262-5464

Craig Morris
Student Affairs & Academic Support Services
(608) 890-3282

Tom Reinders (alternate)
Investment Portfolio Analyst, Trust Funds
(608) 265-4174

Jen S. Schoepke
Equity and Diversity Planner
(608) 261-1450

Artanya Wesley
Senior Academic Planner
Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Student Success (IDEASS)
(608) 262-5563

One Vacant Alternate Position