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Wisconsin Distinguished Professors Program

The Wisconsin Distinguished Professors program is designed to recognize and support professorships in areas of vital or emerging economic significance to the State of Wisconsin. A Wisconsin Distinguished Professor is an individual whose scholarship and service can demonstrate potential impact upon Wisconsin's economy and who would be judged as outstanding by peers and the public alike.  Candidates are reviewed by a panel of distinguished experts outside the UW System with backgrounds in research, education and industry.  The reviewers look for a distinguished academic record, a history of links with industry, evidence of teaching ability and a specialty that can demonstrate potential benefit for the economy of Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Distinguished Professors program provides a unique opportunity to enhance the recruitment process for those programs that are seeking to recruit or retain a highly qualified person who can benefit the economy of Wisconsin.

For details on how to develop a candidate's portfolio for nomination, the review process, etc., please see:
Academic Planning Statement 3.4 revised May 2010
2011-12 WDP Budget Worksheet.xls
Administrative Guidelines for Implementing Wisconsin State Statute:
36.14 Wisconsin distinguished professorships.