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Expedited Program Review Process

Updated 4/23/2010

The Expedited Review Process applies only to a new undergraduate* academic program (major) that is currently offered as a submajor (e.g., track, concentration, emphasis). If approved, the request need not go through the Entitlement to Plan process, but can proceed directly to the Authorization process.

A program is eligible for an expedited review process if:

  1. The program has been offered as a submajor or track for at least 6 years;
  2. The program has data to demonstrate sustained student interest and need;
  3. The institution can demonstrate that offering the program as a major requires no substantial addition of courses or resources; and
  4. The new major has a substantial curriculum that does not duplicate or detract from the program from which it emanated.

If the institution believes their submajor to major program proposal fits the criteria for an expedited review, it sends a formal request for determination of eligibility to the Associate Vice President for Academic and Faculty Programs at, addressing points 1-4 above. The request must be submitted at least three months prior to a desired BOR action.

As part of the Authorization process, a full Proposal for Authorization to Implement is required, along with the usual reviews by the appropriate institutional governance groups, program review committee, and by two external consultants.  In short, the checks and balances required by the process stipulated in ACIS-1.0 revised are still observed.

Note:  Approval for expedited review does not mean the new program proposal is pre-approved for presentation to the Board of Regents.  Upon receipt of the full proposal for Authorization to Implement, the Associate Vice President and AFGP staff will review the proposal and make a decision.  The decision may be to:

  1. approve and forward the new program proposal to the Board of Regents Education Committee as soon as possible;
  2. return the proposal to the institution for revision; or
  3. deny the request.

*Graduate degree programs are not eligible for the expedited review process.