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Global Education Conference
October 13-14, 2011, Madison, Wisconsin

“Internationalization Across the Disciplines”

Keynote Speakers

Opening Keynote - John Nichols

“Citizens Beyond Borders – Why Knowledge of the World is Crucial to Building a Fair and Just Society”

John Nichols is an American journalist and author. The political correspondent for The Nation magazine and associate editor of The Capital Times, he is the author or co-author of ten books including a best-selling biography of former Vice President Dick Cheney, histories of American opposition to empire and the movements to hold presidents to account, and a series of books on media and democracy. He is a regular guest on the BBC, RTE (Irish Radio), al Jazeera, CNN, MSNBC, NPR and other broadcast and cable media outlets. He has twice delivered the keynote addresses at congresses of the International Federation of Journalists and was a presenter at the 2009 Global Forum on Freedom of Expression. His most recent books include The "S" Word: A Short History of and
American Tradition... Socialism (Verso), and (with Robert W. McChesney) The Death and Life of American Journalism (Nation Books), which received the 2010 Freedom Award from the Newspaper Guild and the 2010 Donald McGannon Award for Social and Ethical Relevance in Communications Policy Research. His upcoming book with McChesney, Dollarocracy (Nation Books/Perseus Books), will be published in 2012. Of Nichols, author Gore Vidal says: "Of all the giant slayers now afoot in the great American desert, John Nichols' sword is the sharpest."


Closing Keynote - Geoffroy de Laforcade

"The Outermost Boundaries of Propinquity: Teaching Cuba as our World-Historical Neighborhood"

Geoffroy de Laforcade is an Associate Professor of Latin American History and the Academic Coordinator of International Programs at Norfolk State University in Virginia. He received his Ph.D. from Yale University in 2001, and has also taught at Tufts and Wesleyan. Before becoming a scholar he was an international journalist in France, West Africa and the Caribbean, and a translator of books in history and the social sciences. Dr. de Laforcade began travelling frequently to Cuba in the 1980s. He is responsible for creating and coordinating a 10-week, 15-credit summer study program, focused on issues of the African diaspora (history, visual arts, religion, music), that began in June 2011 at the Casa de las Americas in Havana. The students are spending time in classroom with specially assigned Cuban professors, but also immersing themselves in the communities of the Havana suburb of La Lisa, and attending, with full ;academic registration, the week-long Caribbean Festival in Santiago de Cuba in early July. Among the other short and long-term study abroad programs that Dr. de Laforcade has organized in the past are Anhui and Wuhan, China; Natitingu, Benin; Gao and Timbuktu, Mali; Agades, Niger; Marseille and Paris, France; and Mendoza, Argentina.

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