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Global Education and Engagement

The UW System Shared Learning Outcomes for students at all of our campuses include components of international education, e.g. the development of “intercultural knowledge and competence” enabling students “to work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures;” and the development of “local and global” civic knowledge, engagement, ethical reasoning and action.  This puts International Education and Engagement at the heart of the academic enterprise of our institutions.  The role of the Associate Vice President of Academic, Faculty, and Global Programs and its Global Education coordinators is to work with educators and administrators throughout UW System to promote international academic programming, facilitate student and faculty exchanges, develop global partnerships with higher education systems abroad, support inter-campus collaborative study abroad, and recruit international students and faculty to Wisconsin.  The Associate Vice President is charged with the responsibility of increasing the international profile of all UW System institutions, and also works with the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President of UW System in the area of economic development in Wisconsin as it involves international partners.