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Growth Agenda for Wisconsin Grants Program

Overview of Priorities

The University of Wisconsin System is pleased to announce an opportunity for funding to support UW institutional efforts to advance the Growth Agenda for Wisconsin. The Growth Agenda for Wisconsin Grants Program seeks to fund projects that are bold in their vision, designed to transform programmatic or institution-wide practices, and have the potential to be sustained beyond the scope of the grant funding.

Priorities for funding will focus on projects that advance one or more of the three Strategic Goals of the Growth Agenda and model Inclusive Excellence.1 These goals include:

  1. Increase the number of Wisconsin graduates (i.e., improving access to high-quality academic programs and educational opportunities; increasing retention and graduation rates for all students; enhancing teaching and learning; and supporting strategies and practices that enhance student success, both in the classroom and beyond.
  2. Help create more well-paying jobs (i.e., tailoring academic programs to meet local workforce needs; and developing the workforce to meet the economic needs of today and tomorrow.
  3. Build stronger communities (i.e., improving access to higher education for Wisconsin’s PK-12 and adult populations; and fostering engagement and partnerships between UW institutions and their local communities and regions.

Funding will be used to support two broad categories of activities: Institutional Change Grants (ICG) and Conference and Professional Development Grants (CPDG). While the majority of the funding will go to the ICG program, the final distribution of the funding between ICG and CPFG will be determined based on the strength of the proposals.

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