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Committee on
Baccalaureate Expansion (COBE)

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The purpose of the committee is to examine the number and nature of baccalaureate degree holders in Wisconsin as compared with other states, determine why Wisconsin is lagging behind, and recommend cost-effective and collaborative strategies to provide access and opportunities to expand the number of degree completers in our state.

The effort will involve:

  • Examining data on degree production in Wisconsin versus other states;
  • Reviewing strategies used in other states to enhance degree production;
  • Seeking input from decision makers and stakeholders in Wisconsin;
  • Considering proposals to expand access to new or existing degree programs; and
  • Recommending proposals to the Presidents of the two Systems.


History and Background

COBE 2011-13 Grant Program

The University of Wisconsin System Administration is seeking proposals to support the development and implementation of new programs or projects to implement one or more of the COBE strategies. The forthcoming request for proposals announcement will describe the strategic focus of the upcoming grant cycle and the program requirements. RFP and 2011-13 grant information will be available at this site after December 1, 2010.

University of Wisconsin baccalaureate institutions and Colleges are eligible to receive funding through this competitive grant process. Collaborative projects between UW institutions and between UW and WTCS institutions are encouraged and are eligible for funding. Institutions may submit more than one proposal. 

RFP release date: December 14, 2010.

Proposals due:  March 15, 2011

For further information regarding this initiative, contact Diane Treis Rusk ( at 608.261.1115.

COBE 2011-2013 Grant

2010 COBE Showcase

Showcase sessions feature a variety of program models and strategies to advance student preparation, access, transfer and completion.  Sessions feature the following topics:
  • Improving Student Preparation through Dual Credit Programming
  • Strategies in Developmental and Remedial Math Education
  • Processes and Practices for Prior Learning Assessment
  • Degree Programs for the Adult Learner and Place Bound Student

Final Report

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