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2014-2015 Award Recipients

Applied Research Grants

Recipients: Franklin Chen
UW-Green Bay
Chemically modified waste paper for biopolymer based soil conditioner as a replacement for petroleum based soil conditioner for lawn and garden products

Recipient: Kevin Eliceiri
A novel drug screening platform for assaying clinically relevant tumor models

Recipient: Susan Gallagher-Lepak
UW-Green Bay
Nursing Diagnosis Clinical Support Tool

Recipient: Elizabeth Glogowski
UW-Eau Claire
Tuning of New Smart Polymer Surfactants for Enhanced Oil Recovery Applications

Recipients: Paul Hlina
Preserving the Power of Plants -- An Innovative Enthnobotany Project

Recipient: Xiaohua Peng
DNA-Templated Metal-Free Flurogenic "Click" Reactions for Sequence-Specific DNA Detection and PCR-Free Signal Amplificatio

Applied Research-WiTAG Match Grants

Recipients: Eric Gansen
UW-La Crosse
The Development of ZnO-Based Electro-Absorption Modulators

Recipient: Robert McGaff
UW-La Crosse
Methods for Green Alcohol Oxidation Employing New Modified Iron Phthalocyanine Catalysts

Recipient: John Obieldan
Towards the Fabrication of Thin-Walled Cellular Structures Using Hybrid 3D Printing and Electroforming Technologies

Recipient: Joongmi Shin
Development of Non-Migratory Active Cling Wrap Packaging for Enhanced Food Safety and Quality

Recipient: Joseph Wu
Towards Commercialization of Color Test Kit for Synthetic Cathinones

Prototype Development Fund Grants